Project: C-Sky View Apartment
Customer: Mrs. Sher Shen
Designer: Tong Khanh Linh
Design style: Modern

Mrs. Sher Shen is one of the very special customers with On Home Asia. One day by chance, her assistant contacted our company’s Hotline with the desire to advise on interior design.

She came to On Home Asia with the desire to design a modern living space like her idea. Despite having to go through many difficulties during the counseling process. Finally, we have received the opportunity to construct the interior of her apartment.

Sincere thanks to Mrs. Sher Shen has trusted and given On Home Asia the opportunity to accompany her family. Congratulations Mrs. Sher Shen’s family is very healthy and successful in work and life.

Let’s take a walk to visit the interior C-Sky View apartment with the beauty of this era!

1. Customer stories.

1.1. Special fate.

The story began in 2018, our “brother” is the real estate company HomeNext, which successfully sold the Compass One apartment project of investor Tay Ho in Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong. When conducting the contract signing phase, some Taiwanese customers told HomeNext sales (NVBH): “When I received the house, please introduce me to some reputable interior design companies. Since I’m very busy, I don’t have time to learn a good furniture design unit.” Thanks to that, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a furniture company. A professional, high-class company. The company can serve foreign customers who buy apartments from HomeNext company. As well as customers buying other projects in Binh Duong.

One of those customers is a couple Mrs. Sher Shen and Mr. Wayne Yang. They are customers buying apartments for many projects at HomeNext company. For example, C-Sky View, is also an apartment project in Chanh Nghia residential area. You can read more of this story in the About Us section of the On Home Asia website .

Because HomeNext has not yet grasped the handover schedule, it has not yet been able to transfer information to On Home Asia. But, it was a miracle, she asked the staff to search on Google and found our website. Then, On Home Asia made an appointment to meet with Ms. Sher to learn more about her needs and desires. The appointment was in the presence of the design team, customer service staff, and in charge of construction.

Customer stories - Mrs. Sher Shen - C-Sky View
Câu chuyện khách hàng chị Sher Shen – C-Sky View

1.2. Journey with the customer.

Mrs. Sher Shen didn’t know that On Home Asia and HomeNext had a “blood” relationship. And On Home Asia didn’t know that Mrs. Sher Shen was a special customer of HomeNext. However, we still try our best with a professional and dedicated attitude. However, the counseling process also encountered many difficulties. Especially in making her trust completely in the first appointment.

There was a time when the negotiation on the contract price and construction schedule seemed to come to an impasse. Because Mrs. Sher Shen has been in Vietnam for a long time, she thought about buying furniture and decorating it herself. Instead of using an interior design company with expertise, experience, and excellent after-sales service like On Home Asia.

However, for some reason. Maybe because she and On Home Asia more or less have the same aesthetic taste. Or do you find On Home Asia to be a serious and professional company? Finally, the interior construction contract has also been signed. On Home Asia was officially served by Mrs. Sher Shen at the C-Sky View apartment project.

1.3. Serial of special predestined.

Before we met her again to survey the scene and re-measure the room sizes, CEO Duong Tong accidentally recognized Ms. Sher as a regular customer. So, at the next appointment, he arranged to meet with Mrs. Sher Shen. He came to thank Mrs. Sher Shen and her husband’s inspirational quote in 2018. As well as for translation, make sure to understand the meaning and serve the guests in the best way.

Customer stories - Mrs. Sher Shen - C-Sky View
Câu chuyện khách hàng chị Sher Shen – C-Sky View

After more than 1 month of construction, the C-Sky View apartment project was completed and handed over to her. She is very satisfied with our commitment, as shown by the bright smile on her lips. She showed her faith in us by announcing that she will continue to work with us on a number of other projects. This reward is great for On Home Asia’s efforts.

Customer stories - Mrs. Sher Shen - C-Sky View
Câu chuyện khách hàng chị Sher Shen – C-Sky View

Perhaps this is a special fate between Sher Shen and On Home Asia. She and her husband are the inspiration for our birth, with just a simple sentence. After more than 2 years, we go in a circle. And what a blessing to meet her again, in a way that couldn’t be more ideal and romantic.

This reunion made a lot of meaningful things. And it is in our slogan: “We inspire your happiness”. We inspire you to live happily!

Through the project and the second charming meeting with Ms. Sher Shen, we affirmed: “Our declaration and actions are completely consistent”. This is also the actual brand story. The story we made ourselves, experienced ourselves, and verified ourselves.

2. Design request.

  • Mrs. Sher Shen wanted a modern, comfortable and luxurious space.
  • She wanted the living room and kitchen to be designed in bright and cozy colors. Regarding the bedroom, she wanted pleasant and harmonious colors.
  • Construction space: Living room, kitchen, WC, and 2 bedrooms.

The interior of C-Sky View apartment - Ms. Sher Shen

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3. Interior Space

The Interior Mrs. Sher Shen layout is simple but no less luxurious and comfortable. The furniture is smartly designed, optimizing the area and creating ventilation for the space. Creating modern beauty from the simplest things.

You can get the perfect cost estimate here!

Interior estimate

4. Customer reviews.

The interior C Sky View Apartment - Mrs. Sher Shen
On Home Asia handed over the interior and gave flowers to congratulate Mrs. Sher Shen’s family

Mrs. Sher Shen said that: “I am very satisfied with Interior Design and service of On Home Asia. Entering the apartment after On Home Asia construction, I felt very surprised, excited, and satisfied. The space appears very real and like in my ideas and wishes.”

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Linh
Designer Tong Khanh Linh

I always put my best into each design, to give customers the best satisfaction. I have put all my mind, creativity, and affection into the design of Mrs. Sher Shen’s apartment. She is a very meticulous person, who loves modernity, and simplicity but still comfort and luxury.

Mrs. Sher Shen and I went through many meetings, the exchange process was quite difficult. However, the arduous journey has paid off. A delicate design, the most perfect according to her idea has been completed.

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