Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Customer: Ms. Thu Hien
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Acreage: 53,35m2
Style: Modern

Sora Gardens 2 apartment is in the finishing stage and is expected to be handed over in June. Therefore, Ms. Thu Hien quickly gave herself a suitable design. So that when the project is handed over, she can proceed to make furniture and move in right away. Because she lives alone, she chose for herself a 1-bedroom apartment with a simple design but still has a luxurious beauty.

1. Customer’s design requirements.

  • Simple, sophisticated design, optimizing all functions in the house
  • Use soft neutral colors
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, bedroom

2. Floor plan of 1 bedroom apartment.

Sora gardens 1 bedroom apartment plan
Floor plan of the apartment

The simple and compact design of the TV shelf is suitable for those who live alone.

3.1. Living room area.

The simple and compact design of the TV shelf is suitable for those who live alone. A part of the wall is clad with gray wooden slats to highlight the wall.

TV shelf in living room, interior of 1 bedroom sora gardens apartment
TV shelf simple design

The living room space is designed next to the balcony so it is easy to receive natural light to help the room become more airy.

sofa living room furniture sora gardens 1 bedroom apartment
Living room space

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3.2. Kitchen interior.

The kitchen space is designed in an L-shape in accordance with the structure of the apartment. A fully equipped kitchen with fully functional upper and lower kitchen cabinets. All neatly arranged.

Sora gardens 1 bedroom apartment kitchen interior
L-shaped kitchen design

The 4-seat dining table set is made of wood with a pretty round table

dining table interior of sora gardens 1 bedroom apartment
Kitchen space

3.3. Bedroom interior design.

On Home Asia has made the room more prominent by designing a platform bed, different from conventional beds. The desk is designed close to the bed to save space but still keep the aesthetics.

bedroom furniture sora gardens 1 bedroom apartment4. Conclusion.

The interior of the apartment is suitable for today’s modern life. With a fresh design in line with the trend, this design is very suitable for those who like single life or young couples.

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Thank you for your interest in the article.

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