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Achieve high aesthetics, harmony between art and individual style of each homeowner

Owning a team of experienced interior design consultants, knowledgeable about architecture and dedicated, On Home Asia will bring a full, comfortable and classy living space. Helping customers save time, effort and optimize investment costs.

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Townhouses, villas, apartments, villas, etc. want to be beautiful not only outside but also inside, which requires interior design and construction to be the most appropriate and complete. Therefore, choosing a unit for interior consulting is extremely important and On Home Asia is doing it.

On Home Asia not only helps customers with problems related to interior design – construction, but alsoadvises on interior design so that it is not only aesthetically beautiful but also suitable according to preferences, amenities as well as habits. customer life.

advises on interior design It is not only the functional division of the indoor spaces, but also the harmonious combination of colors, architectural aesthetics and indoor decorations to create a convenient, comfortable and scientific living environment. .

design consulting service in Binh Duong

design consulting service It is an extremely important part and also considered as the first in completing the house for yourself. On Home Asia is not only a unit of interior design – construction but also support interior design consultant in B

We advise on interior design of the whole house from living room, bedroom, kitchen, office to the worship room. There are no houses and no rooms like any other. That is the advantage of our interior design service.


On Home Asia Co., Ltd (abbreviations: OHA) is a company operating in the field of interior design – construction in Binh Duong. The company specializes in consulting design, interior construction of apartments, townhouses, villas, and offices.

On Home Asia team
On Home Asia team

The interior projects OHA has designed are villas, townhouses and high-class apartment projects such as Midori The View, Compass One, Sun Casa, Habitat… Currently, the company’s main customers are foreigners living and working in Binh Duong, investment customers and young families.

The company has been serving customers in Asia including Vietnamese customers and customers from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea…

The reputation of the company On Home Asia

In the face of hundreds and thousands of choices, choosing the right interior design company is not easy. A reputable furniture company is one that provides customers with quality products and services. Always on time with customers. Thoroughly deal with the difficulties and out of sight of customers.

On Home Asia operates on the basis of customer-centricity of business. Therefore, we always try our best to prove the credibility of the company, build customer trust.

Project implementation process of on home asia

Full interior construction process at On Home Asia
Full interior construction process at On Home Asia

When you come to On Home Asia, you will be consulted according to a consistent process. The purpose is to ensure that there are no risks and to serve customers on schedule. A basic project implementation process includes the following steps:

  • Customer care and sales team will directly contact (meet) to receive information from customers.
  • Site survey to come up with a suitable design plan.
  • Design consultation and preliminary design concept.
  • Once the preliminary design has been obtained, a preliminary quote will be given to the customer to understand the cost.
  • Sign construction contract after completion
  • Complete design.
  • The second construction quote for the complete design drawing.
  • Under construction.
  • Completion – acceptance – handover.

interior design consulting category

The living room is considered the face of the homeowner, like the soul of the whole house, will be the place where the family spends a lot of time here and gathers friends and relatives.

The design trend advised for customers is usually the open space trend of the living room, the minimalist, sophisticated but equally luxurious design and finally the living room interior design consultation with the color set. black and white legend.

The kitchen is considered to be the place containing the soul of delicious meals in the family. The kitchen design is simple, comfortable and attractive, stimulating the creativity of women for each delicious family meal.

Usually, the kitchen will include the interior design of the dining room. On Home Asia team will advise on interior design of the kitchen on how to have the perfect kitchen space. Using products with color tones such as light, blue, orange, etc. creates a sense of stimulation to eat more and more appetite.

The bedroom is an indispensable private living space for each family member. Along with the modern rhythm of life, the bedroom is not simply a resting space after a long day of study and work, but also has to meet aesthetic criteria.

Therefore, the style for the bedroom is also rich according to the needs of customers. From simple and modern bedrooms, to neoclassical or classic… For each customer’s criteria, On Home Asia will advise on suitable bedroom interior design.

Typical projects of On Home Asia

1. Apartment project.

Sora Gardens apartment: is a complex with a unique design, inspired by harmonious curves, and will soon become a symbol of the New City.

Sora Gardens apartment interior sora gardens interior

The View – Midori Park apartment project is one of the “hottest” projects in the Binh Duong real estate market.

Compass One apartment project is a place where many foreign businessmen and experts gather, creating a civilized and modern living community.

compass one interior

Eco Xuân project is an apartment with a lot of enthusiasm from Setia Malaysia investor expressed in every design line, reflected in the optimization of living space with the assurance of utilities and the best and safest environment for customers. whole family.

Eco Xuan apartment interior

– The Habitat is an apartment project that marks an important milestone in meeting the supply and demand of people and investors in Binh Duong.

2. Villa project.

Bach Dang villa with interior is designed in neoclassical style, bringing a luxurious beauty but no less modern. All are shown through each interior design line

Bach Dang villa interior

3. Townhouse project.

Sun Casais located at Hoa Loi residential area, Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province. The investor is Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Limited (VSIP).

townhouse interior

4. Office project.

An office with a beautiful design will create a more comfortable working environment for employees. Office interior design also shows the corporate culture of that company

office interior

On Home Asia always brings the best experience to customers from interior design consultancy for apartments, villas, townhouses to office furniture. If you are in need of interior design advice, please contact On Home Asia immediately!

Customer reviews about On Home Asia

Pictures of the completed project in Binh Duong

Interior design of Sun Casa townhouse

On Home Asia is sure to bring customers exquisite designs, in line with current design trends from the design consulting team.

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