The success of customers is associated with the development of On Home Asia.

The success of our customers is the key to the success of On Home Asia. Therefore, On Home Asia always puts the benefit of customers above company profits.

It does not stop at contributing to creating comfortable, modern, and personalized interior spaces. On Home Asia also stands with customers, creating valuable intangible values. We always want to create more value for customers through the support only available at On Home Asia.

Proud to be the first top furniture company in the Southeast to help customers find customers when they need to rent apartments. Introduce and promote products and services to customers who are business owners.

Let’s find out more about this attractive promotion policy!

The value that On Home Asia brings

1. Marketing support to promote products and services for business customers and business owners.

The support to promote the brand is done as a thank you to customers. When building furniture with business customers, business owners will be given more intangible values. 

After the project is completed, the Social Media team will come to take pictures of the project. Images will be taken professionally, optimally, and most impressively.

On the social networking platform of On Home Asia, we write articles about products and services. As well as introducing On Home Asia’s customers and partners to your products and services. On Home Asia always wishes to bring value and joy to customers.

Support customers MKT products and services

2. Support to find tenants for your apartments and townhouses.

You want to invest in an apartment for rent. But you are afraid that finding tenants is difficult. “What’s difficult, On Home Asia takes care of it.”

Handing over a comfortable, modern, personalized apartment, along with intangible values ​​attached to you. On Home Asia is always ready to enthusiastically support those who need to rent apartments.

When you choose to accompany On Home Asia, we will support almost A to Z with the rental. Including photography, advertising, and detailed planning so that the apartment has the fastest tenants.

The team advises on suitable and optimal furniture and layout for rental. Construction of the most comfortable interior at an economical cost. All to help you get the highest profit, and efficiency when renting.

2.1. The process of apartment rental support when constructing a full package at On Home Asia.

  • Take photos of each apartment area most professionally and thoughtfully.
  • Ask for some information and requests from you. Like the desired rental fee, the way to pay the apartment fee,… We also support finding tenants according to customer requirements and support finding customers who are foreign experts.

  • Post ads, and bilingual rental articles on the company’s social media.

  • Interact, connect, and preliminary exchange with tenants.

  • Schedule appointments for you and your tenants.

  • Support drafting rental documents.

Rental support process

2.2. Great benefits from On Home Asia’s apartment rental support policy.

On Home Asia’s support policy is sure to please you with the following benefits:

  • Help you quickly find tenants.

  • Save the cost of hiring other brokerage services with high prices.

  • Safe, avoid scam cases.

  • Help customers secure information to avoid being disturbed by bad guys.

  • Support in drafting rental contracts following the law.

  • Bonus support incentives for customers.

3. The services On Home Asia provides.

Services of on home asia

3.1. Interior Design

  • Interior design is personalized, following customer needs.
  • The actual construction resembles a 3D drawing.

  • Visual Home VR360 technology application gives you a visual tour of the house.

  • Products and interior styles are diverse.

3.2. Interior Construction Package.

  • Interior construction is the same as the original drawings and commitments.
  • Reasonable construction time and on schedule.

  • Quality furniture, reasonable price, optimal cost.

  • Warranty and periodical maintenance after construction.

  • Free design when signing a construction contract.

3.3. Dự Toán – Báo Giá Nội Thất.

  • Save time.

  • Full interior design and construction.

  • Exquisite, quality interior.

  • Furniture products with high aesthetics.

3.4. Furniture manual.

On Home Asia provides you with an interesting Furniture Guide completely free of charge.

3.5. Interior design on VR 360 platform – virtual reality.

On Home Asia will bring businesses optimal solutions with VR360 technology. A creative way to create a multi-dimensional virtual space is visually stimulating.

Helps elevate the viewing experience, more realistically and in detail. We bring more scientific and sharper perspectives to customers when approaching businesses.


On Home Aisa hopes these policies are useful and create value for you. If you need advice on interior design and construction, please contact the following information. On Home Asia staff will quickly contact you for the most detailed and enthusiastic advice.

  • Address: No. 77 Street No. 8, Hiep Thanh 3 Residential Area, Hiep Thanh Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong
  • Hotline: 0937 76 73 37
  • Email: oha@onhome.asia