Ưu đãi lên đến 10 triệu đồng từ On Home Asia

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1. Interior design luxury villa.

The interior of the 3-story villa has a luxurious and aristocratic beauty that is equally modern from the interior of the house. The furniture in the house is carefully selected to match the design style but still ensure to make full use of its functions, creating a modern look for the house.

interior space of 3-storey villa
Luxury villa interior design.

2. Luxury living room interior of the 3-story villa.

With an innovative design style that combines classic and modern, the villa’s living room space becomes classy. This design style breaks all standards to create an extremely perfect beauty.

Binh Duong villa interior design
Design a villa living room with a very luxurious sofa set.

3. Kitchen design – luxury villa interior.

The villa kitchen is designed by using a wooden kitchen cabinet with quite ancient tones and friendly with a living space feeling comfortable for homeowners.

The combination of colors quite harmoniously with the overall space is an extremely delicate way that only those with extensive experience in design can create such a perfect whole.

Villa kitchen interior design
The kitchen area of ​​the villa.

4. Beautiful bedroom interior of a luxury villa.

The bedroom space is exquisitely designed to create a sense of comfort for the homeowner after stressful working hours, this place is the ideal place to get a good night’s sleep.

The design color is quite gentle but always attracts the eyes because the highlight is the large bed with the sofa set in elegant colors but exalts the luxury and noble beauty of the owner.

Villa bedroom interior
Luxury and modern bedroom interior in the villa

5. Interior design for children’s bedroom.

Next to the master bedroom is the children’s bedroom. The bedroom is designed by age to create an extremely cute and lively space.

The color of the children’s bedroom is white to create cuteness and attraction.

Bedroom furniture for luxury villas
Girl’s bedroom with lovely and cute furniture.
Interior design for a girl's bedroom in a 3-story villa
Girl’s bedroom.
bedroom furniture for boys - 3-story villa
Boy’s bedroom.
Interior design of a boy's bedroom - 3-storey villa
The bedroom in the villa is luxurious.

6. Interior of the extra bedroom in the villa.

Although it is just an extra bedroom, it is still meticulously designed to match the style of the house. The interior is fully furnished. It is an ideal resting place for the guests of the owner.

extra bedroom furniture - 3-story villa
Interior of the bedroom in the villa.
modern villa interior design
The room is designed simply but no less delicate.


1. how to design the interior of the living room to stand out?

Choosing the right furniture with your favorite design style will highlight the living room of the luxury villa. Regardless of the design style you choose, you should also pay attention to ensure the furniture such as tea table, sofa, TV shelf, decorative shelf. All will be harmoniously combined with the chosen design style.

You can choose smart furniture, many functions, and unique designs to add a new and unique look to the living room.

2. How to arrange bedroom furniture for a good night's sleep?

The master bedroom will give you a good night’s sleep and recharge after a long day of work. Therefore, how to arrange the furniture in the bedroom so that it can bring a good night’s sleep to the owner.

Should choose soft, pleasant colors and have a lot of natural light for the bedroom. You can use curtains to adjust the light so that it is suitable during the day. Bedroom interior design also needs the overall design combined with the individual personality of the room owner to create a unique room with its own personality.

3. Modern kitchen interior design suggestions

The kitchen is the place to create delicious meals, reunite, and bond between family members. Therefore, the interior design of the kitchen is cozy and comfortable so that you can inspire when cooking.


Because each customer’s personal preferences and interior design needs are different, the price of each design is not the same. And you can also rest assured about your design, On Home Asia always bring completely separate designs that are personalized and not duplicated.

So, if you have interior design needs, you can send detailed information about your needs, interests, contact information and design requirements to the Email address: oha@onhome.asia or contact Hotline: 0937 76 73 37 to be On Home Asia consultation and specific quotation.

interior quote


Interior construction is the realization of the designer’s ideas and wishes of the homeowner. That is also an important part to complete the house. On Home Asia is committed to bringing you a living space that is not only beautiful, modern, convenient, and versatile but also shows the individuality of the owner through every interior detail.

Coming to On Home Asia – Binh Duong interior design company, you can choose a package design – construction service package to save costs as well as time for customers. On Home Asia will directly execute the project, monitor the progress, evaluate the quality and efficiency of the work.

What will you get when you choose the design and construction package:

  • Save time in having to buy furniture, supervise the work, find a construction company, etc. On Home Asia will help you do all that, which will help you spend more time. time for his personal work.
  • You will receive design advice from choosing colors, design styles, interior layout to suit your living space.
  • Optimizing expenses, limiting different costs.
  • On Home Asia has a clear construction design plan so you can easily track the construction progress and receive the handover on schedule.
  • With a clear warranty and maintenance regime, On Home Asia always brings benefits to its customers.

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