Support and warranty policy

– On Home Asia warrants the kỹ thuật công trình construction of the project for a period of 12 months under normal conditions from the date of handing over the work.

– During the warranty period, if damage occurs due to the fault of On Home Asia, On Home Asia is responsible for sending someone to the scene to survey the cause of the damage, make a repair plan and report it to the customer within 3 (three) working days depending on the extent of the damage. On Home Asia will then carry out the complete repair and remediation according to the plan presented to the customer.

– If after the scheduled repair time, On Home Asia still does not carry out the repair or repair, the customer will carry out the repair at the cost agreed to by On Home Asia with the condition that the unit price of the classes Repair items do not exceed 30% of the unit price stated in the Contract.

– On Home Asia is not responsible for warranty in the following cases:

  • During the use process, the customer arbitrarily changes the design, structure as well as the original function without notifying On Home Asia.
  • Damages and losses caused by customers using improper functions or caused during use or relocation.
  • Scratches, breaks, stains caused by customers or of a destructive nature.
  • Termite errors caused by the environment in use, warping of boards during use, rusting of iron accessories.