On Home Asia brings customers highly personalized experiences through its sophisticated and scientific interior design. A good design, like a melodious piece of music, will help the listener feel light and happy.”


On Home Asia Co., Ltd – Abbreviation: OHA

The interior design company offers a personalized experience.

Number of employees: Over 30 employees.

Address: No. 492, Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phu Loi Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong.

We are the leading interior design and construction unit of apartments, townhouses and villas in Binh Duong, with modern design, optimal usability and high personalization.


Wayne, 42 years old, from Taiwan, has lived and worked in Vietnam for 5 years. Wayne is a senior manager of a Taiwanese enterprise specializing in bicycle manufacturing.

Observing that the Binh Duong apartment market is improving recently, Wayne participated in the investment by buying a number of apartments in Thu Dau Mot, either for living or for subletting.

And one of Wayne’s deep concerns after receiving the handover is to complete the interior of the apartment for use or rental. These concerns come from Wayne being so busy that he barely has time to consider the details of the apartment’s finishing touches. And Wayne wanted to find a company that could help him answer these questions:

– How to design the interior of the apartment to be both beautiful and maximum in terms of functionality, whether it is convenient to live in or rent out?

– Does the interior meet safety standards for users and the environment during use?

– Guaranteed warranty

– Support to fix errors during use in the fastest way

– The price is in line with the quality of the product

– Support to find tenants after completion

There are many customers with the same concern as Wayne. They are entrepreneurs, senior managers, investors in Binh Duong as well as foreign customers from all over Asia: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, …And On Home Asia was born to help our customers answer the above questions in the most satisfying, happiest way.

What does On Home Asia do?


How does On Home Asia do?


On Home Asia’s staff is a collection of excellent individuals in interior design and construction expertise. Professionally trained with many years of industry experience.

More importantly, On Home Asia carries with it integrity and humanity, professionalism and creativity. Thereby, we are confident to provide our customers with the best experience.


Theinterior designsof On Home Asia are not only beautiful in terms of aesthetics but also ensure space optimization and full functionality for a comfortable and comfortable life.

Especially, customers are completely assured of the quality. Our works have to go through many stages of rigorous testing before being put into use. Giving customers absolute satisfaction in terms of durability and high aesthetics.

Besides, what On Home Asia has done interior construction of many interior projects such as: Bach Dang villa, Suncasa townhouse, Compass One apartment, The Habitat, Eco Xuan, The View, Sora….. Is the clearest proof for the quality of the goods. in terms of our services and projects.


On Home Asia always Update customers with the latest information with a variety of content revolving around the topic furniture over the set furniture manual such as: multi-style designs for apartment, townhouse and villa projects in Binh Duong and across the country.

Share a lot of useful knowledge about feng shui, life tips and the latest design trends on the market. Thereby, customers will make the most reasonable decisions for their home.

Typical projects of on home asia.

1. Apartment project.

Sora Gardens apartment project is located at the gateway of Binh Duong New City. This is a complex with a unique design, inspired by harmonious curves, and will soon become the symbol of the New City.

sora gardens interior
Sora Gardens apartment interior

The View – Midori Park apartment is one of the “hottest” projects in the Binh Duong real estate market. More than 300 apartments were ordered when the investor of this apartment, Tokyu Corporation (Japan) and Becamex IDC Corporation, started selling.

Compass One apartment located in Chanh Nghia Residential Area, Thu Dau Mot City, an area known as the “Western Street” of Binh Duong with a series of high-class facilities serving residents, where many businessmen, professionals foreigners, creating a civilized and modern living community.

compass one interior

– The Eco Xuan project is an apartment with a lot of enthusiasm from Setia Malaysia investor expressed in every design line, reflected in the optimization of living space with the assurance of utilities and the best and safest environment for customers. whole family.

Eco Xuan apartment interior

– The Habitat is an apartment project that marks an important milestone in meeting the supply and demand of people and investors in Binh Duong.

2. Villa project.

Bach Dang villa with interior is designed in neoclassical style, bringing a luxurious beauty but no less modern. All are shown through each interior design line

Bach Dang villa interior

3. Townhouse project.

Sun Casa is located at Hoa Loi residential area, Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province. The investor is Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Limited (VSIP).

townhouse interior

4. Office project.

An office with a beautiful design will create a more comfortable working environment for employees. Office interior design also shows the corporate culture of that company

office interior

What customers say about On Home Asia.

on home asia projects have cooperated


Not only telling the owner’s own story, On Home Asia always wants to elevate the lifestyle of its customers through the dedicated works that the company team has carefully researched. On Home Asia always brings. also version Binh Duong interior design tailored to each customer’s needs. With the trust from customers, On Home Asia has implemented many design and construction projects furniture in Binh Duong.

Extensive experience and expertise

Team On Home Asia – Binh Duong Furniture Company is a collection of excellent individuals in interior design and construction expertise. We have been serving customers in Asia, including Vietnamese customers and customers from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan,…

Extensive experience and expertise make us very confident in meeting your requirements well. On Home Asia not only Interior design in Thu Dau Mot but also interior design in Binh Duong province such as: Di An, Thuan An, Ben Cat,…

Excellent design - sustainable construction

The interior designs of On Home Asia are not only beautiful in terms of aesthetics but also ensure space optimization and full functionality for a comfortable and comfortable life.

Especially, customers are completely assured of the quality, the project must go through many stages of rigorous testing before being put into use. Giving customers absolute satisfaction in terms of durability and high aesthetics.

The interior products are built for customers such as furniture, sofa furniture, wardrobe furniture,… are all manufactured in furniture factory Binh Duong. Have model house as well as Binh Duong furniture store so that customers can see interior design samples.

After-sales mode: warranty, support

Với phương châm “Phúc đáp nhanh, Hỗ trợ nhanh”, Quý khách hàng không phải lo lắng xảy ra sự cố vì phía sau luôn có đội ngũ On Home Asia tiếp nhận hỗ trợ 24/7. With the mottoQuickResponse, Quick Support, customers do not have to worry about problems because there is always an On Home Asia team to receive 24/7 support.

Support rental after receiving handover

For customers who have rental needs after receiving furniture handover, On Home Asia has a rental support team with rich experience, as well as a diverse tenant database of needs. This is a kind of added value that we provide especially for customers using the interior design and construction package of On Home Asia company.



A strong and growing collective cannot lack the element of solidarity and mutual concern. Attention lies in every gesture, even the smallest action is encouraged to perform.


Being treated equally, respectfully at work and in behavior is effective in encouraging solidarity. In terms of customers, we always uphold the quality of practice and treat all customers equally.


The form of connecting members by caring and sharing. When you give away material things, you will receive spiritual rewards, and when you give knowledge, you will receive feelings in return. When you give sincerity, you will receive good relationships in return.


The psychological and emotional safety and security that the company brings to its employees. It is also the safety of service and quality of works for customers.


Gratitude to “Give to receive”, On Home Asia creates a healthy and progressive environment for employees to freely develop. At the same time, the respect and gratitude of each individual will contribute to creating a strong business.



On Home Asia owns an experienced team who are always dedicated,

Searching for optimal solutions in terms of quality and price to achieve the highest performance to serve customers.

Dương Tống

10 years of international team management and operation. Have a deep understanding of Asian cultures.

Nguyễn Văn Mạnh
Deputy Director

5 years of experience in interior design, management of interior design and construction of townhouses, villas, apartments,…

Hoài Dung
Senior Assistant

5 years of experience working in the field of furniture, choosing high-class materials for apartments, knowledgeable about interior materials.

Anh Quốc
Marketing Manager

Experienced in Digital Marketing field Many years of operation in the field of training, real estate and furniture.

Sustainability strategy.

Workshop of Eastern International University

Sharing knowledge and experience in the field of Digital Marketing to improve the quality of training associated with theory with practice, helping students improve their skills.

Recruitment consultant at Thu Dau Mot University

Sharing practical knowledge and experiences from Mr. Tran Van Sang to young people with passion and interest in the field of architecture, helping them understand the industry and have a good orientation for the future.

Recruitment Consultant Thu Dau Mot University

Mr. Tong Tran Duong attended the Livestream of admissions counseling majoring in Business Administration, helping students better understand the industry to have a future orientation