1. Office interior design

Office furniture also needs to be designed to suit the working environment of the company. Different from interior design of apartments, townhouses, apartments, office interior design is designing for space for many people to use is not simple. On Home Asia will support you with the necessary information in the process of office interior design.

interior design office
office furniture

2. Why should you design office furniture?

Tiết kiệm chi phí và thời gian

Why do business owners have a headache to think and design the interior of their office. Meanwhile, you can choose an interior design unit to save your time and effort.

open space office interior design
Open space office interior design

2.1 Create an inspiring workspace.

According to a study, a unique and creative design office will help stimulate the brain to generate creative ideas, bringing benefits to the company.

Whether the office is large or small, it also needs a creative space to help employees get more excited to work. However, the interior must be arranged in a way that matches the culture of the business.

space saving office furniture
Nice office furniture

Nâng tầm giá trị thương hiệu cho doanh nghiệp.

Every business will have a different mission, vision and core values. And the main office is the place where customers will be welcomed. Therefore, a business with a unique and impressively designed office space will surely create trust, prestige and sustainable development in the minds of customers.

interior design office
Beautiful, modern office furniture

3. Notes when designing office furniture.

3.1. Clear division of the area.

Depending on the nature of the work of each company, the division of working areas is different. Companies that need a high degree of concentration at work often design offices as closed spaces (each department is a separate area). If the company wants employees to easily communicate and be friendly with each other, but still need to focus on work, it will choose a half-open design.

Binh Duong office furniture

The office is partitioned with glass panels to create an open space

Currently, most companies are designed in an open manner so that employees can work as a team and exchange work with each other. Limiting inconvenience in moving, helping people get closer to each other. Creating a friendly working environment, helping members of the company can work comfortably and effectively.

3.2. Choice of colors and lighting.

Office interior design, you should choose bright colors such as white, blue, green, … to bring a feeling of energy and freshness. It is also possible to combine striking colors to create a unique highlight for the space.

Dat Thu Office
Beautiful office interior design

According to science, light plays a role in stimulating the soul to become joyful, bringing health and comfort to people. Adequate lighting in the office is essential. This will help increase concentration, avoid the health effects of excess or lack of light such as eye pain, fatigue, headache, etc.

3.3. Reasonable office decoration.

Whether the office space is beautiful or not depends on the decoration and design. If an office with too many colorful colors does not match the overall look, it also reduces the aesthetics of the space.

office furniture
Office furniture with comfortable working space

4. Interior construction process at On Home Asia

Interior construction It is a very important and multi-step process. Choosing a house with limited area combined with an interior style to suit the personality and personality of the owner is extremely important to create the perfect living space.

Full interior construction process at On Home Asia
Full interior construction process at On Home Asia

We also build furniture according to each individual item to serve the specific needs of customers. On Home Asia Fast construction, high quality assurance, maximum utility and use of living room, kitchen, bedroom furniture…

5. Quotation for interior construction

Due to the different interior design and construction needs of each customer, the price of each project is not the same.

Therefore, if you are in need of interior design and construction in Binh Duong, you can send detailed information about the premises, contact information and all requests to the email address: oha@onhome.asia or contact Hotline: 0937 76 73 37 to be staff On Home Asia Direct consultation and specific quotation.

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6. Conclusion.

On Home Asia is a reputable and quality interior design and construction unit. Not only providing customers with beautiful apartment interior designs but also bringing optimal cost. Besides, customers also save their time in choosing furniture.

On Home Asia has a factory in Binh Duong, so you can rest assured in the transportation of furniture. On Home Asia’s furniture products are manufactured from quality materials such as An Cuong wood plank, Vicostone stone, etc.

Therefore, customers can be assured of the quality and durability of the product during use.


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