Project: Vista Riverside Apartment
Area: 58,64m2
Customer: Mr. Xuan Truong
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Style: Modern


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“When I’m reputable, customers will come to me, no need to go through an intermediary.” That is a wise saying that Xuan Truong gave to On Home Asia on the handover day.

As a Senior Manager at a transnational company, with a busy job, often travel to many countries. Mr. Truong has an open and modern view with an understanding of cultural beauty from many countries.

He came to On Home Asia with the desire to build a home for his small family. A space that is not only comfortable and modern but also unique in its own way. The Vista Riverside apartment interior Mr. Xuan Truong with 2 bedrooms is designed with bold personalization. All the interior has been true to his family’s original idea, unique and comfortable.

Thank you, Mr. Xuan Truong, for sending your trust and giving On Home Asia the opportunity to accompany his family. Let’s admire the beauty of this modern apartment!

The interior design of Vista Riverside apartment - Mr. Xuan Truong
The interior design of Vista Riverside apartment – Mr. Xuan Truong

1. Design requirements.

  • A modern living space, prioritizing smart furniture.
  • Unique design, each space has its own character.
  • Convenience and convenience for Mr. Xuan Truong’s small family activities.

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3. Interior Space

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4. Customer reviews.

Mr. Truong is very satisfied with the interior design after On Home Asia handed over. Mr. Xuan Truong is a Senior Manager at a Singapore-based transnational company. He lives and works in parallel between Vietnam and Singapore. As well as frequent business trips to many countries.

He has been exposed to many cultures, and many professional and world-class companies. However, he gave the best compliments to On Home Asia – a young company in Vietnam. He highly appreciates both the design, and construction process and the enthusiastic care and advice of the team.

4. Gift for customers.

As a sincere thank to the customers for always trusting and trusting, giving me the opportunity to accompany you. On Home Asia has implemented the project “Accompanying customers”. Specifically, when coming to On Home Asia, customers will be supported to promote their brands, products, and services. As well as PR for Website, social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok… of customers.

Incidentally, Mr. Xuan Truong is also a YouTuber with passion and diligence. His Youtube channel shares and introduces very good things such as the culture, and lifestyle of many countries. Like Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. It is an interesting and useful channel, which opens more doors for us to discover new things and absorb the cultures of many countries.

Along with that are his experiences, living and working in many countries. It’s really useful for those who want and learn about life abroad. We invite you to subscribe to the channel and enjoy interesting videos. Channel link:

5. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Hoa
Designer Khanh Hoa

“Use passion and enthusiasm to contribute to the creation of excellent interior designs”. I accompanied Mr. Xuan Truong to draw the first drawings for each interior space. Realize his family’s ideas and wishes in every corner of the house.

Design consultancy