Project: The Standard Town House
Area: 240,3 m2
Style: Modern


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1. Standard town house interior.

  • Interior design with modern style.
  • Use bright color tones to create a modern and luxurious beauty
  • Design area: living room, kitchen + dining room, Master bedroom, boy’s room, girl’s room, common room, worship room, laundry room.

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Interior quote

2. Details of each area

The Standard townhouse has an area of ​​over 240m2, designed in a modern style. This design uses bright colors to create a comfortable and airy living space. Each area is designed with many separate colors but still ensures the unity for the whole house.

The living room and kitchen area are designed with open space, full light source has helped the space here become airier.

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Interior estimate

3. Conclusion

The interior design of this Standard townhouse has a modern and luxurious beauty with furniture designed to suit each space, optimizing all functions. Create comfort and convenience for the homeowner.

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