Meaningful March 8 party at On Home Asia


In the past, it is often said that the meaning of March 8 is: “Women always silently sacrifice and endure many hardships. So in 365 days of a year, women have their day to be social. pay attention to and compensate for the disadvantages and hardships in life.”
But currently, this is NOT CORRECT.

Party 8/3 at On Home Asia

Women – the miracle of creation. One more The world has given this life many colors. It is very encouraging that the position of women today is increasingly being enhanced, but that does not mean that they no longer work hard and no longer make sacrifices.

Vì thế, nếu yêu thương, tôn trọng và bày tỏ tình cảm với phụ nữ, hãy làm điều đó mỗi phút, mỗi ngày, chứ không chỉ riêng ngày 8/So, if you love, respect and express your feelings to women, do it every minute, every day, not just 8.3.

Small 8/3 party at On Home Asia
Small sweet party and gifts

And today to celebrate International Women’s Day, the On Home Asia extended family held a small party to celebrate women.

Starting with crimson roses, beautiful cakes, sweet candies, unexpected and meaningful gifts. In the end, each member left a happy smile on the lips.

Happy Women's Day at On Home Asia
Roses of On Home Asia
The male staff prepares a party for the female employees
Male staff prepares a party for female employees

Sometimes just a small thing brings great meaning, which is the solidarity, love, and attachment between each member. We share, congratulate each other on the day honoring the beauty of women.

On Home Asia's staff
On Home Asia’s staff
Female employees receive gifts
Female employees receive meaningful gifts from the company and male colleagues
Female staff of On Home Asia
On Home Asia’s beautiful roses

And also wish all women a meaningful and happy March 8 with many unexpected gifts. Let everyday women be the most beautiful flowers, fragrant.