Meaningful trip of On Home Asia extended family in Vung Tau

Recently On Home Asia and HomeNext had a 2-day 1-night tour in Vung Tau. After the efforts and efforts at work, On Home Asia Co., Ltd organized this meaningful trip to encourage its employees. member of On Home Asia in Vung Tau

Teams are preparing for team building games

On Home Asia play teambuilding
The members are divided into several teams

The trip helps to encourage the members’ spirit of working hard and helps to bring the feelings between colleagues closer. During the trip, there were many meaningful fun activities.


lots of fun games for On Home Asia
Many fun activities in Vung Tau

Fun activities in Vung Tau of On Home Asia

meaningful trip of On Home Asia

Fun activities of On Home Asia
Many activities for teambuilding take place
On Home Asia's Vung Tau trip
On Home Asia and HomeNext’s staff

Wishing the extended family of On Home Asia a very successful year at work and many more meaningful trips.