Project: Happy One BD
Client: Co Thanh Ngoc
Design: Khanh Hoa
Area: 66.12m2
Style: Modern

Recently, On Home Asia handed over the interior of a 2-bedroom apartment in the Happy One Binh Duong project to Mrs. Thanh Ngoc’s family. This is also the first completed project after the period of social distancing due to Covid-19. On Home Asia is very happy to return to work and complete unfinished projects for customers.

Please take a look at the interior design of Ms. Ngoc’s family here!

1. Request apartment design.

  • Modern design
  • Neutral colors
  • Design area, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom.

2. Handover interior of Happy One apartment – Mrs. Thanh Ngoc.

Mrs. Thanh Ngoc
Handing over interior to Mrs. Thanh Ngoc’s family

3. Details of each area.

3.1 Living room interior.

With a simple and streamlined design, the interior products have helped optimize the space. The living room sofa set is designed and used with felt fabric to create a soft and gentle feeling for the owner.

The tea table in the living room is used with An Cuong industrial wood plank material. Besides, the massage chair was chosen by Mrs. Ngoc so that she could lie down and relax after a tiring working day.

3.2 Interior design of the kitchen.

Take simplicity as a prerequisite when designing kitchen interiors. It can be seen that when Mrs.Ngoc’s family chose this type of table, they only wanted comfort and lightness but ensured a subtle element for the kitchen.

Không gian bếp happy one 2pn
Kitchen space.

3.3 Interior design of the master bedroom.

Due to the nature of work, she has to use a lot of computers, so Mrs. Thanh Ngoc has designed a desk combined with a wardrobe to save space.

Beds combined with bookshelves help optimize space and are suitable for storing precious books. The wardrobe system is designed in the form of a sliding door, inside there are many decorative cabinets to make it convenient to store and contain personal items.

3.4 Interior design of a small bedroom.

The Interior design of the bedroom is designed according to the combination of bed and wardrobe system. The design gives the space a subtle, light but functional use.

The makeup table is delicately and compactly designed to help her not feel constrained or cumbersome. Although it is very simple, it still ensures the function of the product.

Decorate desk - Happy One 2br
Nice little desk.

4. Conclusion.

The apartment interior – 2-bedroom with a modern and bright design creates an ideal living space. Hopefully, the design of Mrs. Ngoc’s family will create more choices for you in the process of making furniture.

Thank you for your interest in the article, if you need advice or estimate the cost of interior design, please contact OHA’s team.