Project: The Habitat Apartment
Client: Mr. Cong Khoa
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 65,32M2
Style: Modern

The habitat apartment interior is an apartment that On Home Asia has just completed and handed over to Mr. Cong Khoa’s family.

On Home Asia today will share with you pictures of the interior of The Habitat 2 bedroom apartment. The apartment is designed and built to serve rental needs, so the owner requires modern and convenient with elegant colors that are easy to coordinate. Let’s watch with On Home Asia!

*The Habitat apartment handed over the raw house and kitchen.

1. Pictures of apartment handover

On Home Asia is very honored to be a partner and partner to contribute to building a comfortable and happy living space for our customers.

handing over the apartment of Mr. Khoa's family
Pictures of handing over the apartment to Mr. Khoa’s family

2. Smart and convenient designed shoe cabinet

The shoe cabinet uses elegant white to create a luxurious beauty for the house space. Most homes often do not focus on investing in shoe cabinets.

However, with just a small change and the way to create a highlight is the shoe cabinet, it makes a great contribution to helping the house become neat and increasing its aesthetic value.

apartment shoe cabinet the habitat Mr. Khoa
Integrated many drawers for homeowners the greatest convenience.
the interior of the apartment shoe cabinet the habitat
The shoe cabinet is designed with an elegant and comfortable white color.

3. Master bedroom interior of The Habitat 2 bedroom apartment

Luxury and elegance are 2 design styles used for the bedroom of this apartment. The bedroom space is quite limited, but the clever layout and unique design have made the room much more airy and spacious.

The dominant gray and white color scheme combines simple ceiling lights. This is a timeless design for the most popular luxury rooms today.

interior design master bedroom apartment the habitat
The space still uses white as the main color, creating ventilation and coolness.
interior of the master bedroom apartment the habitat
Wall mounted TV shelf saves space, with a lovely window-side desk.
interior large bedroom apartment the habitat
The wardrobe is designed to be divided into 3 large compartments, the outside is a decorative shelf to increase the vivid beauty of the whole room.
furniture wardrobe master bedroom apartment the habitat
The compartments are scientifically designed with enough space for both husband and wife’s belongings.

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4. Lovely small bedroom interior of Habitat apartment

A workspace takes up a small amount of space in the room but is enough to be the ideal space for a perfect workplace.

The color of the wardrobe is chosen to match the overall door color of the room to create a unified whole in every detail. The beautiful little bed feels warm and comfortable to look at.

interior design small bedroom apartment the habitat
The small bedroom is neatly designed, comfortable, suitable for both study and rest needs
small bedroom interior of the habitat apartment
The bed is soft with a personality striped bedspread, with a modern and youthful direction.

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Thank you for reading the entire article, hope you will like this lovely apartment.

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