Project: The Habitat Apartment
Client: Mr. Duy Phuong
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 64.48M2
Style: Modern

The apartment interior design at The Habitat – 2 bedrooms of Mr. Duy Phuong was completed by On Home Asia with the most dedication and thoughtfulness. In this article, On Home Asia shares with you the actual interior of the apartment with Natural wood brown interior space brings a sense of harmony and elegance to the whole apartment.

*The Habitatapartment when handing over the house already has a kitchen interior.

1. Image of handing over the apartment to Mr. Duy Phuong’s family

On Home Asia’shappiness is to give customers the best experience in their own living space.

Handing over the apartment to Mr. Duy Phuong's family
Handing over the apartment to Mr. Duy Phuong’s family

2. Living room space of Habitat 2 bedrooms apartment

The living room of this apartment is designed simple and delicate. The sofa uses felt material, the tea table is delicate but still ensures the functionality of the product.

shoe shelf living room
Living room shoe cabinet
shoe cabinet at the habitat apartment
Shoe cabinet with many compartments for the whole family
living room at the habitat apartment
The living room space is connected to the dining table
TV shelf for the habitat apartment
Luxury wooden TV shelf
sofa set at the habitat apartment
Clean and neat gray felt fabric sofa set

3. Comfortable dining space

The dining table is compactly designed and uses four chairs, suitable for families with four members. To create a sense of comfort, the homeowner has chosen a simple and gray felt upholstered mattress to help optimize the space.

The habitat's dining room space
Dining table with 4 chairs for family

4. Master bedroom furniture

Master bedroom furniture is fully furnished, with bright colors and full product functions. This design will help you have a better and more comfortable sleep.

master bedroom of the habitat apartment
The soft bed of the Master bedroom
bedroom at the habitat apartment
Master bedroom space with airy white-gray color
wardrobe at the habitat apartment
Wardrobe with many convenient and luxurious compartments
master bedroom the habitat apartment
Bedding set with warm, clean colors

5. Thiết kế nội thất phòng ngủ nhỏ tươi sáng

The bedroom design in bright colors has helped this apartment become more airy and sophisticated. Having a bed, wardrobe, and bedside tab has helped the space become more comfortable and tidy.

small bedroom at the habitat apartment
Small bright bedroom space.

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6. Conclusion

Through the actual pictures of the 2-bedroom Habitat apartment of Mr. Duy Phuong, On Home Asia hopes that you will like and find the right interior style for your family.

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