Project: Hercules Office
Designer: Hoang Minh
Area: 182 m2
Style: Modern


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It can be said that the office is the second home of employees with more than 8 hours of work a day. How to make each individual comfortable, and convenient to improve productivity?

Office interior is considered an important factor determining work performance. The beauty of the interior also creates an image through which to effectively brand the company. Let’s On Home Asia around the modern and impressive space of Hercules office.

1/ Design requirements.

  • Design the office in a modern style, with equipment that emphasizes practicality and convenience.
  • The overall space is harmonious, the colors are gentle, elegant, and professional.
  • Design an open space for employees to easily connect.

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2/ Interior space.

A harmonious office layout will create a good first impression in the eyes of customers and partners. Thereby also creating a unique brand and image for the business.

A well-groomed office interior space also creates a professional and high-class look. Above all, it also creates convenience and comfort for employees to easily be creative and improve performance.

On Home Asia and Hercules have gone through many consultations, discussions, and editing sessions. Creating a comfortable and suitable interior model, Hercules’ corporate culture. Perfect interior space with Hercules’ own color.


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3/ Customer feedback.

Hercules is very pleased with this office interior design by On Home Aisa. The design is very modern, comfortable, neat, and scientifically arranged.

The office interior space is beautiful and now brings a new look to the company. Thereby increasing the ability to work effectively, creating a dynamic and creative working environment.

On Home Asia also sincerely thanks Hercules company for trusting. Finally, I wish the company more and more development.

4/ Design inspiration.

As an interior designer, Mr. Minh understands the desires and needs of an office worker. Along with listening, and receiving requests as well as the main colors, and images of Hercules. He advised and accompanied Hercules to create the most modern, comfortable, and perfect working space.

Designer Hoang Minh

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