Project: Kim Vu Minh Company
Client: Mrs. Cam Tien
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Area: 285 m2
Style: Modern

In today’s reality, businesses, whether large or small, need to design office interiors to have a proper working space, show professionalism, improve the working spirit and creativity of employees.

Below is the interior design of Kim Vu Minh company. And Ms. Cam Tien – the customer who entrusted her home to On Home Asia On Home Asia is also the owner of this business. Thank Mrs. Tien for trusting and choosing OHA again.

1. Design requirements.

  • Long-term use of furniture can limit depreciation costs year after year
  • From the reception area to the working space, it is designed in a unified style, under the brand culture
  • The cost of design and construction is within the planned investment budget of the business owner, there is no difference between the actual and the estimate.

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2. Office space.

Kim Vu Minh office interior is designed and constructed quickly within 25 days. In order for Ms. Cam Tien to bring the company into operation as planned. The office space is spacious and airy, unified in a style, in line with the brand culture

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Interior estimate

4. Customer reviews.

After entrusting her home at the Sora Gardens II project, Mrs. Cam Tien once again trusted and chose On Home Asia. With only 25 days, the OHA team tried to complete the project for her. I am very pleased with your dedication and professionalism.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Hoa

Ms. Khanh Hoa feels very happy to work with Ms. Cam Tien again. Because she is also the one who designed the interior of the Sora Gardens II apartment for Mrs. Cam Tien. From the lobby area to the work space is designed in a unified style

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