Project: Ao dai Mon Ami Store
Khách hàng: Miss Hang Nguyen
Designer: Tong Khanh Linh
Area: 30 m2
Style: Modern

Ao Dai Store Interior has an attractive beauty and unique temperament. Elegant, modern, and classy are adjectives that describe the beauty of the store. A name that is no longer strange in the market of ao dai, and bridesmaid dresses in Binh Duong.

After a period of performing the role of putting on graceful ao dai for many customers. Now it’s Mon Ami’s turn to put on elegant “new clothes”.

She wants the store to become impressive with its own personality, attractive at first sight. Ms. Hang Nguyen came to On Home Asia exchanged to create the most perfect project. Let’s explore the full interior spaces of Mon Ami with On Home Asia!


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1. Exterior and signboards.

2. Design request.

  • Use bright and elegant colors as the main theme.
  • The interior design is simple, and modern but still bold and elegant. Above all, the romance helps to honor the elegant and graceful beauty of the long dresses.

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Interior quote

3. Interior space.

Ms. Hang wants to choose bright and elegant colors as the main theme. On Home Asia advised Hang Nguyen to choose the ivory white color and modern style for the store interior design. White color brings sophistication, and elegance and is also full of noble temperament. Designed with a harmonious combination of blue and gray colors.

The interior of the Ao Dai store is designed in a modern, sophisticated and elegant style. A bit of Vintage and romantic European is clearly shown in every design detail. The shelves are perfectly designed in every line, exalting the soul of Ao Dai in the most aesthetic way.

The store signboard is also focused on the most impressive and eye-catching design. The blue color stands out on the white background, the figure of a Vietnamese woman is graceful in the long dress. Along with the traditional conical hat is delicately depicted the figure of Vietnamese women.

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Interior estimate4. Customer reviews.

The interior design of Mon Ami Ao Dai store - Ms. Hang

Ms. Hang was satisfied with the design, from the color to the details and the overall space. She commented that the handover interior is quite similar to the design, creating an impression for the store. She added: “Customers who come to buy ao dai compliment that my store’s design is so pretty.”

Once again, thank you very much, Ms. Hang, for trusting and choosing On Home Asia. We wish Mon Ami ao dai store with this new look will be more and more prosperous and successful.

5. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Linh

The graceful ao dai in the interior design space is poetic and elegant. An interior design that hits the right psychology and emotions of customers. The interior design of the office is gentle, depicting the store’s personality and graceful Vietnamese beauty.

Not only comfortable with delicately designed hangers, honoring the beauty of ao dai. The green color also brings freshness, elegance, and impressive at first sight.

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