Project: Tan Uyen Villa
Customer: Mr. Trong
Designer: Hoang Minh
Area: 133.51 m2
Style: Neoclassical


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“I love this kitchen interior design” is one of Trong’s mother’s sincere words for On Home Asia. Mr. Trong came to On Home Asia with the desire that a living space converges with luxury, modern beauty, and, above all, comfort. Tan Uyen villa On Home Asia’s design and construction, this time perfectly realized his idea.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Trong’s family for trusting and choosing On Home Asia to accompany you to build a home. Your smile and satisfaction are the motivation for the team to get better and better. Let’s explore this luxurious, warm interior with On Home Asia!

1. Design requirements.

  • He cares about the convenience of family activities.
  • Safety and convenience factors come first because his family has elderly people and young children.
  • Luxury in the common space, cozy in the family kitchen.
  • The bedroom is constructed with a separate color for each family member.
  • Construction space: Living room, kitchen, office, 4 bedrooms, WC.

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3. Interior Space

“So beautiful” is the catchphrase that almost everyone utters when visiting Mr. Trong’s house. Elegant neoclassical design, mixed with a modern personality. The interior has successfully breathed life into his family villa.

High-class brick and stone background design, with warm deep wood color blends into the ivory-white background of the house. The subtle emphasis of the golden lights radiates from the luxurious chandelier design. Think of the space as a beauty queen, when it comes to the convergence of elegance, bravery, modernity, and full of temperament.

“Hello, please follow me, I’d show you something so beautiful.” This is the saying of the youngest son of Mr. Trong, when he wants to show off his bedroom built by On Home Asia. Mr. Trong’s active little boy is very interested in the design of his bedroom.

2.1. Design Image.

2.2. Realistic Image.

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4. Customer reviews.

On the day of the handover, the first thing that touched On Home Asia’s eyes was the happy smile of Mr. Trong’s family. “The interior design of the villa is really pleasing to all members of my family”. Mr. Trong said. This is the first sentence Mr. Trong said to us.

On Home Asia is honored to be able to invite Mr. Trong’s mother to talk about the handover project. She smiled brightly and told: “The interior decoration is very satisfactory”. And in the space that she liked the most, the kitchen, “I love this kitchen” is the most sincere and witty sharing she has for On Home Asia.

How proud and happy to see the satisfied smile of each member of his family. All that is the mission and truth On Home Asia always pursues and executes.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Hoang Minh

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