Project: Bach Dang Villa
Client: Nguyen Bang
Designer: Hoang Minh
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 288m2
Style: Neoclassical

Recently, On Home Asia has handed over the interior of the villa of Mr. Nguyen Bang’s family. A spacious villa is not only beautiful with the exterior architecture but also attracts many eyes with the interior. The house is designed with neoclassical style, bringing modern beauty while maintaining elegance through each design line.

1. Customer’s design requirements

  • Interior design with neoclassical style
  • Optimizing all the functions of the furniture in the house
  • Construction area: living room, dining room + kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 worship room

2. Nguyen Bang villa interior design – VR360.

3. Review the interior design of the Nguyen Bang villa.

4. Details of each area.

4.1. Surfae of building.

Upper floor plan of Nguyen Bang villa
Ground floor
2nd floor plan of Bach Dang villa
2nd-floor plan
3rd floor plan of Bach Dang villa
3rd-floor plan

4.2. Living room area

Anh Bang chose for himself a luxurious neoclassical style to design for the living room. As you can see, the most prominent here is a set of tables and chairs made of natural wood, with fine sculptural lines and feats that enhance the value of the whole living room space.

living room space of Bach Dang villa
The set of tables and chairs made of natural wood turns the space more luxurious
Furniture in the living room is made of wood
living room space of Bach Dang villa
Living room space

Opposite the wooden chair is a TV cabinet, which is simple, but each border can be seen to exude a very delicate beauty. And entering here is not to be missed the very outstanding crystal chandelier.

Living room villa in Bach Dang
The TV shelf is also made of very luxurious natural wood

The foot of the stairs is designed into a very modern and comfortable shoe cabinet. It saves space while creating a modern beauty for the house.

living room stairs
The foot of the stairs is used as a multi-purpose shoe cabinet

4.3. Kitchen + dining room space

Coming to the kitchen space, On Home Asia uses an L-shaped kitchen with gray and white as the main color. As you can see, every detail of the kitchen is bold, elegant, and noble neoclassical beauty. And of course, the function of every detail from the drawers, drawers to the kitchen height is scientifically designed to suit the homeowner’s own living habits.

Bach Dang villa kitchen interior
Kitchen interior
interior design kitchen thermal villa Bach Dang
Luxury kitchen interior design

To make the space airy and connected, On Home Asia has designed a wooden partition, separating the living room and dining room.

Bach Dang villa interior
The dining room and living room are divided by a wooden bulkhead
dining table, kitchen furniture, white house villa
Dining room space

The 8-seater dining table set with blue and white as the main color, the design is both modern and youthful while hiding the classic beauty that is very luxurious. And one thing that makes this dining table and chairs valuable is that all are made of genuine leather.

Bach Dang villa dining room furniture dining set
Leather dining set

4.4. 2nd-floor living room

As soon as we step into the 2nd-floor space, we can immediately see the common living space of the whole family. At the request of the owner, different from the superficial beauty of the living room, this space is designed with gentle pastel tones that both increase the feeling of coziness and ventilation without losing the delicate and precious aesthetic faction.

Interior of living room on the 2nd floor of Bach Dang villa
2nd-floor living room space
sofa living room on the 2nd floor of Bach Dang villa
Luxurious sofa sets create beauty for the house

4.5. Master bedroom 2nd floor

The room is designed quite luxuriously with full furniture arranged very reasonably. A large window in the room helps to receive natural light, making the room airier.

master bedroom of Bach Dang villa
Room with luxurious beauty
Master bedroom in luxurious Bach Dang villa
Master bedroom interior

The dressing room with furniture made of natural wood adds a luxurious look to the room

Bach Dang Villa dressing room
Changing room with furniture made of wood

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4.6. 2nd-floor bedroom space

The bedroom is divided into 3 spaces, the first in the office, the owner of the room needs a separate, quiet working space.

Let On Home Asia reveal a secret that the smart desk was requested by the owner himself. It can be arbitrarily opened and folded to both save space and be a unique highlight, right?

Bach Dang villa office furniture
Collapsible desk

Coming to the bedroom area, the owner asked to use gray and white blood as the main theme to create a simple and healthy feeling. And in his opinion, On Home Asia used that color as the main color, but added a little dark blue furniture with delicate yellow borders, helping the space to be less monotonous and more delicate, modern.

Interior space of the bedroom on the 2nd floor of Bach Dang villa
Interior design bedroom 2nd floor of Bach Dang villa
bedroom interior
Interior of the changing room and toilet of Bach Dang villa
Changing rooms and toilets

4.7. Living room and worship room on the 3rd floor

Visiting the ground floor and 2nd floor is enough to see the luxurious beauty and high-class aesthetic of the owner. The space on the 3rd floor will be a space of worshiping rooms with ancient and sacred beauty.

Interior design of the worship room on the 3rd floor of Bach Dang villa

Interior design of the worship room on the 3rd floor of Bach Dang villa
Worship room

Outside the church, the room is the second living room of the villa. Here, the amenity is the main focus, mainly so that the homeowner can find a feeling of relaxation and comfort. 

Living room on the 3rd floor of Bach Dang villa
Living room space on the 3rd floor
Interior of living room on 3rd floor of Bach Dang villa
A cozy living space that is suitable for families to gather together

4.8 Bedroom on the 3rd floor

Located on the 3rd floor, the room has a modern and youthful style, using mostly smart furniture to help save maximum space and fully express the motto of young people: proactive and full of energy.

Interior of living room on 3rd floor of Bach Dang villa
Modern bedroom space
Interior design of bedroom in Bach Dang villa
A very modern space with fresh energy
Interior of living room on 3rd floor of Bach Dang villa
Bedroom interior design

5. Design inspiration

Designer Hoang Minh

Mr. Hoang Minh is in the design department and is the main designer for the interior of this villa. Mr. Bang’s family likes luxury and elegance. So when discussing and consulting, Mr. Hoang Minh chose for his family a neoclassical design style.

When implementing Mr. Bang’s wishes, Mr. Minh always updates changes according to his wishes and implements ideas quickly. After consulting and designing within two weeks, Mr. Bang immediately received an interior design suitable for his villa.

Each item, every detail is always closely followed by Mr. Minh to be able to complete in the best way. Therefore, when the interior is completed, it has met 90% of reality and completely met Mr. Bang’s wishes. Therefore, when Mr. Minh completed the interior, he felt lucky because he was trusted by Mr. Bang’s family to fully implement the ideas into reality.