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Acreage: 980m2
Location: Hiep Thanh ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong.


Villa interior design is the idealization of ideas to arrange interior equipment in the house. A beautiful villa interior must include many different elements. In which the design is the most important stage.

The purpose of interior design is to help the living space become harmonious and balanced. Because a house is not only a place to live but also a home that helps connect spaces into a unified whole.

However, not everyone knows how to combine interiors harmoniously and uniformly. Especially for large villas, it is difficult to arrange furniture. If you do not know how to choose the right furniture, the house will be unbalanced.

Therefore, to simplify and save the maximum time, you should choose to give yourself a prestigious, experienced interior design company to help your living space be the most perfect!

If you need an interior design for your villa and are looking for satisfactory interior designs Let’s explore the following article with On Home Asia that will help you get useful information.


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3.1. Classic living room in villa interior design

With an innovative design style that combines classic and modern, the villa’s living room space becomes classy. This design style breaks all standards to create an extremely perfect beauty.

Overview of the interior inside villa
Overview of the villa interior.
Villa living room interior
Villa living room

3.2. Kitchen interior design of the luxurious 3-floor villa.

The villa kitchen is designed by using a wooden kitchen cabinet with quite ancient tones and friendly with a living space feeling comfortable for homeowners.

The combination of colors quite harmoniously with the overall space is an extremely delicate way that only those with extensive experience in design can create such a perfect whole.

Villa kitchen interior
Villa kitchen interior.
Villa dining room interior
Villa dining room furniture.

3.3. Interior of the entertainment room in the 3-floor villa.

The interior of the entertainment room in the 3-floor villa is decorated in neoclassical style with ivory tones as the main color, creating an ancient beauty like containing the space of Western Europe.

Especially the delicate combination between the leather sofa set and the two-color orange-yellow ceiling lights seem to blend to create an extremely delicate beauty for the entertainment room space.

Entertainment room interior
Entertainment room furniture.
Entertainment room interior
Entertainment room furniture.

3.4. Interior design of a beautiful villa bedroom.

The bedroom space is exquisitely designed to create a sense of comfort for the homeowner after stressful working hours, this place is the ideal place to get a good night’s sleep.

The design color is quite gentle but always attracts the eyes because the highlight is the large bed with the sofa set in elegant colors but exalts the luxury and noble beauty of the owner.

Master bedroom furniture
Master bedroom interior.
Beautiful bedroom interior
Beautiful bedroom interior.
A corner of the bedroom with a sofa
A corner of the bedroom with a beautiful sofa.
Large waredrobe inside bedroom
Large wardrobe inside the bedroom.

Next to the master bedroom is the children’s bedroom. The bedroom is designed by age to create an extremely cute and lively space.

The color of the children’s bedroom is white to create cuteness and attraction.

Bedroom for girls
Girl’s bedroom.
Bedroom for boys
Bedroom furniture for boys.


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