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The trend of modern villa interior design is expected to take the throne in 2021 According to experts, 2021 will definitely open a new wave in interior design

Villa interior has many different design styles Including villa design in modern, minimalist, neoclassical, and classic styles However, for a house with a luxurious space like a villa, choosing a design style becomes extremely important and necessary.

Compared to the past time, the villa is favored by neoclassical or classical design style Because it enhances the beauty of luxury and class not only for the house but also shows the personality of the owner.

However, 2021 will open the trend of villa interior design in a modern style. The modern design style is favored by its simple but extremely sophisticated design Maximize space-saving to help the home space become harmonious and trendy

It can be said that villa interior design is a dilemma for many customers who need refurbishing their homes. If you are wondering which design style to choose, this article is for you.


2.1. Villa living room interior

Phòng khách biệt thự được thiết kế theo phong cách hiện đại kết hợp việc sử dụng gam màu lạnh. The color of the living room space at first glance feels quite dark, but the highlight is the warm feeling when looking at the overall space.

Combined with copper ceiling lights in a rotating design to create a luxurious and modern beauty

The sofa set has a leather color that matches the overall space to create a uniform and inseparable body

Living room interior
Interior of the living room of 2-story villa
Living room sofa set with light colors
Living room sofa set with light colors
The overall living room space is very harmonious
The overall living room space is very harmonious

2.2. Villa kitchen interior

The kitchen space is designed in a way that makes the most of natural light Combining many glass doors with the outside space creates a feeling of harmony with nature, helping homeowners to have a pleasant feeling when entering the kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen interior design
Beautiful kitchen interior design

2.3. Villa bedroom furniture

The villa bedroom takes gray-white as the main color for the entire room Gray white is the first choice for rooms that pursue a modern and elegant design

Wardrobe in the room using transparent glass This is an interesting highlight for the room, which is likened to a 5-star hotel because it feels luxurious and extremely sophisticated.

Bedroom interior of 2-storey villa
Bedroom interior of 2-story villa
Luxury bedroom furniture
Luxury bedroom furniture
Modern and harmonious bedroom furniture
Modern and harmonious bedroom furniture

2.4. Villa bathroom furniture

The interior of the 2-story villa’s bathroom is designed simply and not too picky The design style focuses on minimalism and is as modern as possible

Interior of a 2-storey villa bathroom
Interior of a 2-story villa bathroom
Smart bathroom furniture
Smart bathroom furniture


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