Project: Eco Xuan Apartment
Client: Ms. Thao
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 47m2
Style: Modern

The 1-bedroom apartment has a rectangular floor plan, an area of ​​47m2. The owner of the apartment is Ms. Thao, who has been living and working for many years in Binh Duong. Due to the nature of her work, she will move continuously in HCMC and BD in the future, so she decided to choose Eco Xuan as her new home.

And this is the interior design that On Home Asia has for her.

1. Design requirements of Ms. Thao

  • Designed with a modern room, ensuring all the functions of the furniture
  • Use blue as the main color
  • Construction area: kitchen, living room, bedroom

2. Structure of Eco Xuan apartment

Eco Xuan apartment structure

3. Details of each area in the apartment

3.1. Living room space

Living room has a large balcony, absorbing enough natural light. The main colors are neutral, warm colors. A special feature of this space is the TV cabinet system.

Here you can see the wooden wall on the wall, which is also the place to hang the TV, below is a wall shelf. Next to this is a tall cabinet and also a shelf for decorations.

living room space of eco spring sister Thao apartment
Living room space

3.2. Kitchen interior design

For Thao’s apartment, On Home Asia designed a simple I-shaped kitchen. Because Thao wants the apartment to have a dominant green color, you can see that this kitchen is the perfect combination of navy blue and wood brown.

kitchen furniture Eco Xuan
Luxury kitchen furniture

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The upper and lower kitchen cabinets have many compartments and drawers, convenient for storing things. The height of the kitchen is designed to match the height of the owner, convenient during use.

Eco Xuan apartment interior dining table
The dining table set is used as a partition to make the space spacious

3.3. bedroom interior

The bedroom is where the individuality of this apartment can be clearly seen, Thao’s favorite color is used as the main color. Wall-mounted dressing table with built-in wardrobe is a solution to save maximum space.

Eco Xuan apartment bedroom interior space
bedroom furniture
Eco Xuan apartment bedroom furniture
Bedroom interior design with blue as the main color

4. Conclusion

The interior design of the apartment with blue is the main color to bring a comfortable feeling like being in nature. Coming to On Home Asia, each design will show the individuality of the owner.

Thank you for your interest in the article.