Project: Eco Xuan Apartment
Client: Ms. Thanh Huyen
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 83,25m2
Style: Modern

Interior design of Eco Xuan apartment with simple design but brings new colors to the house. White and blue are the two main colors. And this is the design of Ms. Thanh Huyen.

1. Customer’s design requirements

  • The design is simple but optimizes all the functions of the interior of the house.
  • Use soft colors.
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms

2. Floor plan of Eco Xuan 3 bedroom apartment

floor plan of eco-spring 3 bedroom apartment
Floor plan of Eco Xuan apartment

3. Details of each area

3.1. Living room space

The living room is designed near the balcony, so it receives natural light to create ventilation for the house. The blue sofa set is upholstered with felt fabric placed on the gray wall to make the space more prominent.ay nền tường màu xàm giúp không gian trở nên nổi bật hơn.

Compact design TV shelf is made of An Cuong wooden board, to display home items.

Living room interior of Eco Xuan 3 bedroom apartment
Living room space

3.2. Kitchen interior

The kitchen space is designed with modern beauty to bring convenience to users.

dining table kitchen design Eco Xuan apartment 2 bedrooms
Dining table in the kitchen area

The kitchen is arranged with LED lights to help provide enough light during cooking. The dining table set is made of wood to create a focal point for the space.

Interior design of the 3-bedroom Eco Xuan apartment kitchen
Kitchen space of the apartment
kitchen interior of Eco Xuan 3 bedroom apartment
Kitchen interior with kitchen cabinets made of high quality materials

kitchen space of eco-spring 3 bedroom apartment

Kitchen interior design

3.3. Master bedroom interior design

The Master bedroom will have a larger area than the other rooms because it has its own WC. In this design, Ms. Huyen wants her room to be designed to resemble the overall house.

interior design master bedroom Eco Xuan apartment
Master bedroom space

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The room is arranged with a lighting system to provide adequate light, so that the space does not become stuffy.

Master bedroom furniture in Eco Xuan apartment 3 bedrooms
Bedroom TV shelf

Master bedroom space in Eco Xuan apartment 3 bedrooms

The wardrobe is designed in the form of a drawer to save space

3.4. Small bedroom furniture

The room is designed simply but still exudes an elegant and elegant beauty. A nice and well-arranged room will help you get a good night’s sleep. Renew energy for the new day

small bedroom furniture in Eco Xuan 3 bedroom apartment

Small bedroom space

interior design small bedroom Eco Xuan 3 bedroom apartment
Exquisite small bedroom furniture

3.5. Small bedroom space

Children always love things that bring cheerful colors and cheerful images. This is the design for Huyen’s child, designed according to the baby’s preferences.

interior design small bedroom Eco Xuan 3 bedroom apartment
Children’s bedroom furnituregủ cho trẻ

Bedroom furniture for children in Eco Xuan 3-bedroom apartment

bedroom interior

4. Conclusion

A beautiful house will bring comfort to the owner, helping to regenerate a new source of energy after a tiring day of work outside. And On Home Asia is doing that, we always want to help customers create a perfect home according to their preferences.

Thank you for your interest in the article, and if you love this apartment interior design, please contact On Home Asia immediately!