Project: Eco Xuan Apartment
Client: Mrs. Ngoc Ngan
Designer: Manh Cuong
Area: 47m2
Style: Modern
On Home Asia is very pleased to continue to receive a satisfied nod and a beautiful smile from a lovely customer – Mrs. Ngoc Ngan. 1-Bedroom apartment interior in the Eco Xuân completed and handed it over to her family.
And what impressed us the most was knowing that the magical connection between her and On Home Asia started with the two phrases “faith” and “destiny.” The reason why I say “destiny”, is because when searching among thousands of furniture units, I found On Home Asia. As for “destiny”, it is composed of many factors.

1. Design requirements.

  • Designed with a modern style, optimizing the function of the furniture in the house.
  • Use light, bright colors to bring a fresh airy atmosphere.
  • Design area: living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

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2. Details of each space in the apartment.

2.1. The living room’s interior.

Although the living room is small, it is designed with open space so the space becomes very airy. The background of the wall is used with two main colors, white and light blue, creating a pleasant and relaxing feeling for the viewer.

2.1. Kitchen interior.

The kitchen is designed in an I-shaped shape by the structure of the apartment. The kitchen cabinet system is made of high-quality materials with good resistance to space.

2.1. Bedroom interior.

The bedroom space is simply designed to be separated from other spaces by a curtain. A ceiling wardrobe with sliding doors helps to save space outside but still has enough space to store clothes and other personal items.

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3. Feelings of Mrs. Ngoc Ngan’s family.


Mrs. Ngoc Ngan

Mrs. Ngoc Ngan feels professionalism in the way she works, is satisfied with both the quality and service of On Home Asia when she looks through many designs and actual images, and is even more impressed by the videos of many customers many other customers.
She is even more satisfied when she comes to the place and is enthusiastically advised by the hair care staff. But more than that, the most important thing for her to choose On Home Asia is because she is always looking for a reputable enough unit to help her feel secure to hand over everything. From the beginning of the design to taking care of all the paperwork with the contractor and finally completing the entire interior. And all of that I found at On Home Asia.
Her faith in On Home Asia has been demonstrated during the process of accompanying each other to overcome difficult epidemic days.

4. Design inspiration.Designer Mạnh Cường

Manh Cuong feels very fortunate to be able to accompany Ngoc Ngan to create a nest for her family. He always accompanies her family from the design ideas, the complete interior design according to her needs to the construction of the house. It is Mr. Cuong’s dedication, thoughtfulness, and willingness to answer difficulties for guests that have helped Ngan trust On Home Asia more.

Mrs. Ngan trusted and entrusted the entire home to On Home Asia. If you wonder what On Home Asia is for you to trust, it’s because OHA always works very clearly and carefully. During the construction process, the supervisor always records and takes pictures of the actual progress at the construction site to report to her for easy monitoring, even from afar, without missing out or missing any details.

That’s it, brothers and sisters, fate can be said to be random, but trust must be built from practical quality and a dedicated service attitude. And On Home Asia is always proud that it has been and is doing very well.
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