Project: Eco Xuan Apartment
Khách hàng: Ms. Yen Nhi
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 47m2
Style: Modern

The interior design with gentle colors to create a fresh and relaxing space is for Yen Nhi. Realizing the facilities here, she immediately bought herself Eco Xuan apartment – 1 bedroom and immediately made the design for her apartment.

1. Design requirements.

  • Modern design style, due to the small area of ​​​​the apartment, it is necessary to arrange the furniture accordingly, creating a spacious and comfortable space.
  • Use gentle colors with 2 main colors: blue and gray.
  • Design area: living room, bedroom, kitchen.

2. Apartment floor plan.

floor plan of 1 bedroom eco spring apartment

3. Details of each area in the apartment

3.1. Living room area.

A small sofa made of gray felt fabric matches the living room space, adding a few colorful pillows to create a color mixing effect, which will make your living room stand out more.

sofa room living room 1 bedroom apartment eco spring
Sofa set combined with lovely small tea table.

The TV shelf is designed as a simple long shelf, combining a few wooden slats to make the upper shelf is enough to give you a great living room space without using any sophisticated furniture. other.

living room interior of 1 bedroom apartment eco spring
Living room space

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3.2. Kitchen space.

The kitchen is simply designed in the shape of an I, in accordance with the structure of the house. content Although the kitchen is quite simple, but fully equipped, it can create an extremely comfortable cooking space for you.

kitchen interior of 1 bedroom apartment eco spring

3.3. Bedroom interior.

The bedroom is separated from other spaces by a desk and a white curtain, creating a private space for you. The wardrobe is designed with a full ceiling and uses sliding doors to save space.

bedroom interior of 1 bedroom apartment eco spring
Bedroom space

tv shelf interior 1 bedroom apartment eco spring

TV shelf is simple and convenient

4. Conclusion.

This design is very suitable for those who are single or young couples. The interior of the apartment is both modern and comfortable, creating a wonderful living space for you. Because this is an apartment with a small area, On Home Asia has carefully calculated the interior layout accordingly.

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