Project: Eco Xuan Apartment
Client: Ms. Ngoc Linh
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 66.9m2
Style: Modern

Eco Xuan apartment is known as a project with a lot of potential in the future. Interior design of the 2-bedroom apartment with fresh colors creates a fresh feeling for the owner. And this is the interior design of Ms. Ngoc Linh.

1. Design requirements of Ms. Linh

  • Designed with modern style, creating airy space for the house
  • Use gentle, fresh colors
  • Construction area: kitchen, living room, bedroom

2. Floor plan of 2 bedroom apartment

overall floor plan of Eco Xuan apartment
Floor plan of the apartment

3. Details of each area in the apartment

3.1. Living room interior

A cozy space for family members to gather together, watch TV, read books,… With the wall behind the TV shelf, blue is used to bring natural colors into the space. The smoky gray sofa is upholstered with a lovely small tea table.

sofa living room apartment Eco Xuan 2 bedrooms
Smokey gray sofa placed in the living room
tv shelf living room Eco Xuan apartment 2 bedrooms
Beautiful small TV shelf with delicate design

3.2. Kitchen space

The kitchen has a delicate beauty through each line, using gentle blue colors. The kitchen is designed in an L-shape to match the structure of the house.

The upper and lower kitchen cabinets are designed to suit the homeowner’s reach, using good materials from reputable units in the market. There is a LED light system in the kitchen that provides enough brightness during use.

Interior design of the kitchen of the Eco Xuan 2 bedroom apartment
Kitchen interior
dining table and kitchen in Eco Xuan apartment 2 bedrooms
Dining table set with bright colors
kitchen interior of Eco Xuan 2 bedroom apartment
Kitchen cabinet system with delicate design lines

3.3. Master bedroom

The bedroom is a place designed according to individual preferences and Ms. Linh wants her bedroom to be designed in a luxurious way. The dressing table is designed into the wall not only to save space but also easy to clean during house cleaning.

interior design master bedroom 2 bedroom Eco Xuan apartment
Luxurious Master bedroom space

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The wardrobe is designed in the form of a drawer to save space in the room.

Master bedroom furniture inEco Xuan apartment 2 bedrooms
Master bedroom interior.

3.4 Small bedroom

The room is designed according to her children’s preferences, using blue as the main color. This is also the color that many children choose for their bedroom. The polka dot blue wall with cute pictures is the highlight of the room.

Bedroom furniture for children in Eco Xuan 2 bedroom apartment
Small bedroom space
bedroom interior design for children Eco Xuan 2 bedroom apartment
Small bedroom interior

4. Conclusion

The interior of the apartmentwith its freshness attracts many eyes, suitable for families with 3-4 members. And this design is based on the preferences of Ms. Ngoc Linh’s family. On Home Asia always wants to bring personalization in each product to its customers.o khách hàng của mình.

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