Project: Eco Xuan Apartment
Client: Ms. Thanh Lam
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Acreage: 85,75m2
Style: Modern

A house designed according to your preferences shows the individuality of the owner. It will help you feel comfortable and happy in your own home. And this is apartment interior design – 3-bedroom designed at the request of Ms. Thanh Lam.

1. Design requirements

  • The design is simple but still ensures all the comforts of the house.
  • Use bright, light colors.
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 office

2. Apartment floor plan

Eco spring apartment floor plan
Structure of Eco Xuan 2 bedroom apartment

3. Details of each area

3.1. Living room interior

The living room is arranged next to the balcony, so it receives natural light to create an airy feeling for the room. Uniquely designed TV shelf creates a highlight for the living room.

living room space eco spring apartment
Bright living room space
sofa living room eco spring apartment 2 bedrooms
Living room sofa set

The sofa is smartly designed, can be turned into a compact bed to rest when there are guests and can be folded compactly into a very convenient sofa.

living room interior of eco spring apartment 2 bedrooms
The sofa set can be turned into a very convenient small bed

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3.2. Kitchen space

The kitchen is designed with very versatile shelving systems that can neatly fold kitchen items. All furniture is made with quality materials on the market today.

Eco spring apartment kitchen furniture
Exquisite kitchen space
Eco spring apartment interior dining table
Exquisite interior space

3.3. Master bedroom interior

The bedroom is designed with elegant elegant beauty, the harmonious color combination makes the room even more beautiful. A beautiful and comfortable bedroom will give you a good night’s sleep.

interior of the master bedroom of eco spring apartment
Bedroom furniture exudes elegant beauty
master bedroom interior design
The bedroom space is provided with enough natural light to help the space become more airy

3.4. Small bedroom furniture

Because Ms. Lam loves simplicity, the design of the two bedrooms is basically the same. A simple design but brings its own beauty.

interior design small bedroom eco spring 2 bedroom apartment
Small bedroom interior
small bedroom interior of 2 bedroom eco spring apartment
The small bedroom space also exudes an elegant beauty that is not inferior to the master bedroom

You can see the details for more information about the Eco Xuan project at the article

3.5. Office interior design

An office is designed with a quiet, comfortable space. The room can be turned into a resting place for the guests, because there is a small bed with a view of the window.

Office furniture of eco-spring 2 bedroom apartment
Working room with quiet space

4. Conclusion

A simple design but does not lose the beauty of the house. Which turns the space of the house into a more elegant, elegant, comfortable feeling when stepping into the house.

Ms. Thanh Lam is very satisfied with this design because it is designed in accordance with her requirements and preferences, showing the individuality in the house.

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Thank you for your interest in the article.