Project: C-Sky View
Client: Ms. Tien
Designer: Kim Ngan
Area: 73,5m2
Style: Modern

Admire 360 pictures of C Sky View apartment interior – 2 bedrooms

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Apartment Interior C Sky – View modern style design with main gray tone, helps make more modern and luxurious space. Combined with space are the elements of the material, color, and clever lines to groundnut and function for the interior.

1. Request for apartment design.

  • Modern design
  • Using neutral colors create modern and luxurious space.
  • Construction design area: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom.

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2/Video interior of C Sky View 2 bedrooms

Please take a look at more designs of C Sky View 2 bedrooms.

3. Details of each area.

3.1. Living room space

  • The layout of the furniture in a scientific and fully equipped way has made the living room space harmonious but no less modern.
  • Long sofa set is designed with felt fabric material that creates a smooth feeling when sitting, a compact tea table to make the space more compact.
  • The living room is arranged near the window that helps space become clear, fresh and more impressive.

3.2. Kitchen space

  • The kitchen cabinet system is designed in L-style and 4-seat dining table set with skin material that helps become modern and delicate.
  • Combined is that the LED system is installed below the kitchen cabinet that makes the space brighter along with the kitchen, inside the kitchen cabinet is located in a scientific way to easily arrange kitchen tools.
  • Highlight in dining table space with mirror mounting helps to expand the feeling of comfortable feeling.

3.3. Bedroom

  • Master bedroom

Bedroom furniture grabs gray – white colors that help this space become gentle and elegant.. In order to make space more accents, the owner has selected simple wall paintings but overall an additional harmony for space. Wood paneling combined with an LED lighting system has made the wall more impressive..

  • Small bedroom

Bedroom is designed simply on the tone. The bedroom space is arranged with extremely modern and comfortable furniture. The wardrobe is designed in the form of a sliding door that is both convenient to use and space-saving. The study desk is simple with a non-foot shelves for convenient use during use. Decorative cabinets are integrated with a wardrobe to help children store small items, ornaments on the shelf.

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Interior estimate4. Conclusion.

With this 2-bedroom apartment interior design, On Home Asia wants to bring convenient and luxurious interior space for customers. However, decorative details such as chandeliers, wallpaper, wall lights do not overall are sophisticated to add warmth and “flashy” just enough.

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