Project: C-Sky View Apartment
Customer: Ms. Trinh Nhu Binh
Designer: Phuong Uyen
Area: 45,36 m2
Style: Modern


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Master plan of C-sky View apartment - Ms. Nhu Binh
Floor plan of the apartment

The interior of C-Sky View apartment of Ms. Nhu Binh with its modern design creates an impressive living space. Beauty with the voice of the times created from simple and rustic objects and lines.

The modern interior design style is always loved for its sophisticated and simple beauty. Instead of using many decorative items, this style emphasizes simple design lines. Accordingly, using smart furniture, simple and versatile design. The main color scheme of this apartment is neutral colors such as white and gray.

Sincere thanks to Ms. Nhu Binh for trusting and choosing On Home Asia to build the home interior. Your smiles and satisfaction are the motivation to encourage On Home Asia to become more and more perfect. Let’s admire the beauty of this modern and comfortable interior space!

1. Design requirements.

  • Design a simple, modern apartment, optimizing the area.
  • The interior layout is neat and convenient for family activities.
  • Construction space: Living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

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3. Interior Space

A C-Sky View apartment with an area not too large but still fully equipped and luxurious to attract the eye. The interior of Ms. Nhu Binh’s apartment has excellently shown the soul of the house. The design has an elegant, “calm” beauty.

The gray covers the space to create luxury, the interior is arranged scientifically, optimizing the area. The yellow light brings coziness, all details have been blended in the most perfect way.

2.1. Design Image.

2.2. Realistic Image.

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4. Customer reviews.

The Interior of C-Sky View apartment - Ms. Nhu Binh
On Home Asia handed over and gave green lucky trees to congratulate Ms. Nhu Binh

Ms. Nhu Binh said she really liked On Home Asia’s Interior Design and customer service. A home space like in her idea appeared when she entered the apartment after handing it over.

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