Project: C-Sky View
Client: Ms. Thu
Designer: Ms. Kim Ngan
Area: 79,6m2
Style: Modern

Interior design of C-Sky View apartment is designed in a modern style using gray as the main color for the apartment. Looking at the overall apartment, you can see that the whole space feels warm and comfortable but full of aesthetics.

Let’s follow On Home Asia and take a deep look at the interior design for this 2 bedroom C-Sky View apartment!

1. Request for apartment design.

  • Modern design
  • Main color: Gray – White – Wood brown
  • Design area: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom.

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2/ Interior video.

Let’s see more C Sky View 2 bedroom interior samples.

3.2 Kitchen interior.

The kitchen is designed in the form of an L kitchen that helps homeowners save space and ensure the use of the product. The kitchen dining table is designed to be simple to move and convenient when placing the dining table near the kitchen for kitchen space.

The highlight of the kitchen is a simple blue wall with a light system that enhances the space in this position. Decorative lights make the interior of the kitchen space fresh, luxurious and impressive.

3.3. Bedroom interior.

  • Master bedroom:

The master bedroom is designed in white and the highlight is brown wood, making this space warm and extremely light. The layout of a simple bedside tab with a small cabinet is suitable for small-sized items.

The dressing table is simply designed with a small decorative curtain wall and a compactly designed decorative cabinet system to ensure storage. The wardrobe is designed in the form of sliding doors and inside has a small cabinet to store items such as bags and personal items.

  • Small bedroom:

The small bedroom is designed in light blue colors to create a fresh and comfortable feeling. This is a design suitable for children with a harmonious and streamlined layout of unnecessary furniture. Bringing the space to become airy helps children to increase their creativity and develop comprehensively.


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Interior estimate 4. Conclusion.

With this 2-bedroom apartment interior design, hope to help you have more choices in the process of making furniture for your home.

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