Project: C-Sky View Apartment
Customer: Mrs. Trang – Mr. Tung
Designer: Hoang Minh
Area: 102 m2
Style: Modern


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Ms. Trang and Mr. Tung bought a C-Sky View apartment to have a place to rest when taking their children to Binh Duong to play. Worries and concerns form in them when they do not know how to design the space. Once I happened to find it online and the name On Home Asia will appear in her eyes. Just one click has created a bond between Mr. Tung’s family and On Home Asia.

Tung’s family wants a modern apartment, designed to personalize each member. After a long time consulting, designing, and finally interior construction. On Home Asia has successfully handed over an interior that is very suitable for your family.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Tung’s family for trusting and accompanyingOn Home Asia. On Home Asia wish your family a lot of health and success in work and life. Let’s take a walk to visit the interior C-Sky View apartment with the beauty of this era!

1. Design requirements.

  • Interior design apartment in modern, simple style.
  • Optimizing the space, creating a feeling of ventilation, spaciousness, and saving space.
  • Each bedroom is designed according to the preferences and activities of each member.
  • Construction space: Living room, kitchen, WC, and 3 bedrooms.

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3. Interior Space

The space of Mr. Tung’s family apartment is designed in a modern style, simple but still luxurious. The comfortable living room creates a perfect first impression to knock out the beauty of the whole apartment.

Gathering and sharing a warm family meal is a precious tradition of Vietnamese people for generations. A comfortable, cozy kitchen will help create a bowl of healthy soup with sweet rice and keep the family fire. That is also one of the reasons why Ms. Trang and Mr. Tung care so much about kitchen design.

The kitchen space is a skillful mix of modern and rustic Vietnamese kitchens. The yellow lights create a warm effect and bring prosperity to the home space. The modern ceiling lamp on the dining table will help radiate more peace and deliciousness for the homeowner.

Three bedrooms in modern design, focusing mainly on function and optimizing area. Each bedroom has its own color and personality, suitable for each member. A design that can be called “Bespoke shoes” for the family of Ms. Trang and Mr. Tung.

4. Customer reviews.

On Home Asia handed over and gave flowers to congratulate Mr. Tung's family
On Home Asia handed over and gave flowers to congratulate Mr. Tung’s family

Mr. Tung said that he was very satisfied with the interior design and service of On Home Asia. The apartment after handing over has exceeded the expectations of his family.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Hoang Minh

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