Project: C-Sky View
Client: Mr. Hoang Nam
Design:Tu Trinh
Area: 75,15m2
Style: Tropical

Admire the 360-degree image of the interior of C Sky View apartment – 2 bedrooms

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The interior of this C-sky View apartment is designed in a Tropical style with green as the main color. In addition, the textures and details from nature such as palm leaves, coconut leaves, flowers,…make you feel extremely comfortable and pleasant.

Let’s find out the details of this tropical style C-Sky View apartment interior design with On Home Asia!

1. Request for apartment design.

  • Modern design
  • Bright colors, green is the main color tone
  • Design area: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom.

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Interior quote 2. Interior video.

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3. Details of each area.

The living room is located near the large balcony not only makes the apartment space airier. It also helps you feel the rhythm of the vast sky outside.

Natural light not only removes the limitation of the area but also has a positive impact on your psychology and health.

An interesting point about the living room of this apartment is the simplicity of the furniture. Not too many fancy furniture or details, the apartment’s living room is designed simply and gently with the characteristics of tropical style.

A white-felt sofa set, a small tea table and a smart living room shelves system are enough to make the living room space attractive.

Add a few potted plants and light paintings to the living room to make the space more fresh.

Still keeping the typical peace of tropical style. The interior design of a beautiful small kitchen with a shiny L-shaped kitchen cabinet, and a 4-seater dining table made of wood material to increase the feeling of friendliness and closeness.

Not too many pieces of furniture with sophisticated and eye-catching designs but still enough for you to feel the idyllic and gentle beauty of Tropical style.

The bedroom is designed to look delicate and elegant with a collection of beautiful small furniture such as a desk, lamp, chair, bedroom hanging picture,…

Blue remains the dominant color of the bedroom space and creates a tight connection for the whole apartment. Bringing peace, relaxation and comfort. On Home Asia believes that when resting in a bedroom like this, all the stress, fatigue and chaos in life will also flow with that peace and disappear.

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Interior estimate

4. Conclusion.

With Interior Design of the apartment These 2 bedrooms, On Home Asia’s team, spent a lot of time editing according to the wishes of the customer, hoping that this design will help you have more choices in the process of interior design for my house.

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