Project: C Sky View Apartment
Customer: Ms. Huong Do
Designer: Tong Khanh Linh
Area: 94.92m2
Style: Modern


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C Sky View Apartment with an area of more than 95m2 is attractive with a modern interior style, each space is optimally arranged with all functions to bring convenience to the owner. Each space is individually designed to suit the preferences of each family member, but still creates a harmonious connection for the entire living space.

1. Design requirements.

  • Design The interior of the apartment The interior of the apartment with a modern style, optimizing the function of each interior in the house.
  • Each space is individually designed.
  • Ensure full facilities, easy to use and easy to clean

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2/ Video of the interior of C Sky View apartment 2 bedrooms

Please take a look at more interior of the C Sky View 2-bedroom apartment.

3/ Interior space

3.1/ Design images.

The beauty of modern style is chosen by the majority of customers because of its inherent superiority. Easy to use, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, a living space with a series of modern furniture is harmoniously combined to create a trendy whole that is not outdated or faded.

3.2/ Actual image.

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4. Customer reviews.

5. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Linh

Drawing the customer’s dream home is always the proudest and most joyful thing for the designers. Receiving the love and recognition of customers helps On Home Asia partly mark the efforts and achievements in the field of the professional interior.

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