Project: The View Apartment
Client: Mr. Lee Jong Geon
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 68m2
Style: Modern

Recently, On Home Asia handed over the apartment furniture to Mr. Lee Jong Geon. The interior of the 2-bedroom apartment – The View by Mr. Lee is designed according to his needs.

1. Customer’s design requirements.

With the design needs of Mr. Lee for rent, he is still careful in choosing furniture from materials to designs.

  • The design ensures each space, optimizing the function for each space.
  • Use bright colors, bring a sophisticated, modern look.
  • Fully equipped for each space but still save space for the house.
  • Ensure ventilation for the house, with natural light distribution.

2. Image of handing over the apartment to Mr. Lee Jong Geon

handing over Mr. Lee's the view apartment
Handing over the apartment to Mr. Lee

3. Details of each apartment space

3.1. Minimalist living room furniture

A smoky gray sofa combined with a small round tea table creates a common living space for family members.

Gray sofa set, the view of Mr. Lee's apartment interior
Gray sofa set

A white TV shelf is placed in the living room to place household items. You can decorate a few cute small pots of green plants to create more accents.

TV shelf interior of Mr. Lee's the view apartment
White TV shelf is placed in the living room

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3.2. Comfortable kitchen interior design

The dining table set includes 4 chairs, suitable for those with 3-4 members. The tabletop is made of stone, easy to clean during cleaning.

kitchen apartment interior of Mr. Lee's the view
Kitchen space of the apartment

The kitchen interior is designed in an L-shaped shape following the structure of the kitchen. The upper and lower kitchen cabinets are designed to fully function as a place to store food and kitchen utensils.

kitchen design of Mr. Lee's the view apartment
Kitchen interior using delicate white colors
The interior design of Mr. Lee's apartment
Overview of the kitchen space

3.3. Exquisite bedroom interior

The bed is designed in a modern way with integrated drawers. This is the design that is applied today to optimize the functions and save space.

bedroom interior of Me. Lee's the view
The View apartment bedroom interior

4. Conclusion

The interior design of the 2-bedroom apartment at The View apartment has a modern beauty. With furniture designed optimally with all functions suitable for each space in the apartment. At the same time, it helps to save space making the house more spacious.

Thank you for reading the entire post.

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