Project: The View Apartment
Client: Ms. Ngoc Trinh
Designer: Tong Khanh Linh
Design style: Modern

The interior of The View 3-bedroom apartment of Ms. Trinh has a modern design with bright and elegant colors. Every detail is simple but maximizes the function. Thereby creating an overall comfort and impression in every room and every corner.

Thank you Trinh’s family for sending their trust and giving On Home Asia the opportunity to accompany and decorate her family’s home. And let’s admire the beauty of The View apartment interior with On Home Asia!

1. Design requirements.

  • The interior is simple, smart, airy, comfortable, and modern.
  • Bright, gentle color design, she likes cool elegant blue tones.
  • Construction space: Living room, kitchen, WC, and 3 bedrooms.

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3. Interior Space

The design ensures ventilation and sophistication, comfort for each space. Accordingly, smart furniture optimizes the function and saves the apartment area.

Using bright colors, mainly ivory white, elegant gray, and fresh blue. Every detail combined colors to bring a sophisticated, modern look to the corners of the room.

Fully equipped for each space but still save space. All details seem to have blended into each other to create a luxurious and harmonious apartment. Bringing ventilation, and distributing natural light to the apartment perfectly.

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4. Customer reviews.

Ms. Ngoc Trinh is a loyal customer and one of the first customer of On Home Asia. She came to On Home Asia to design the 2-bedroom The View apartment. The apartment is designed in a modern style, mixed with luxury.

Ms. Trinh said she was very satisfied with On Home Asia’s service. From customer service, consulting, design, and construction processes. That’s why she came to On Home Asia for the second time among many options in Binh Duong. The interior design this time continues to please her. Trinh sent more sincere thanks to the company and staff.

5. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Linh
Designer Tong Khanh Linh

“Immerse yourself in each design to bring customers the most satisfaction” According to the interior project of Ms. Ngoc Trinh’s house from the time, it was the drawings on the design.

I have devoted all my thoughts and skills to consulting her. And together with her created the most complete and suitable design. Bring her favorite green color to blend into each space in a delicate and soft way.

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