Project: The View Apartment
Client: Mrs. Ngoc Buu
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 62,32m2
Style: Modern

The View – 2 bedrooms is an apartment project chosen by Ms. Buu’s family to build their home.

Ngoc Buu’s family previously lived in Ho Chi Minh City and worked in Binh Duong. Realize the inconvenience of traveling between the two places for the family, especially with two young children. They decided to buy an apartment in The View Binh Duong apartment, not far from their workplace.

When choosing an interior design-construction unit, she and her husband considered it very carefully. Because they also worked with another unit before, but they weren’t very satisfiedFinally, when introduced and thoroughly researched by an acquaintance, they decided to choose On Home Asia as the interior construction unit for their apartment.

For your requirements, the designers always try to complete them in the best way. And not to the expectations of her family, today On Home Asia completed and handed over the apartment interior at The View – 2 bedrooms for her family.

“Although the apartment is not large, with comfortable furniture and being able to live with family happily, this is a HOME.” Mrs. Ngoc Buu and her husband shared.

1. Pictures of interior handover of The View 1 bedroom apartment

Handing over the apartment The View 2 bedrooms
Handing over The View 2 bedroom apartment

2. Living room space of The View 2 bedroom apartment

Her living room space was specially requested to use a large 6-seater dining table instead. Convenient for all 6 members to watch TV and eat together every day. The TV shelf is sophisticatedly designed, the glossy wooden surface catches the light, highlighting the living room space.

Interior of the living room of Ms. Ngoc Buu
Interior of the living room of Mrs. Ngoc Buu
Large dining table in The View apartment 2 bedrooms
Large dining table in The View 2 bedrooms apartment

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The cool space of The View apartment
The cool space of The View apartment
The living room has a large comfortable dining table
The living room has a large comfortable dining table

3. Handing over the kitchen interior of The View apartment

For health reasons for her parents, the kitchen of Ngoc Buu’s family is designed to be closed. Clear glass helps to block out all the heat and odors when cooking, avoiding affecting the rest of the house.

Modern kitchen furniture
Modern kitchen furniture
Modern colors of the kitchen space
Modern colors of the kitchen space

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4. Conclusion

Thanks to your family for trusting and accompanying On Home Asia throughout the process of creating a home, and would like to send your family wishes for health and happiness.

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