Project: The View Apartment
Client: Mrs. Kim Thanh
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 62m2
Style: Modern

The interior of The View apartment is cared for by Kim Thanh’s family from the design concept to the completion of construction. The apartment has a modern style that is suitable for the popular lifestyle of young people. However, the interior design of her The View apartment is still not warm.

Let’s take a look at On Home Asia’snewly completed apartment for rent!

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1. Handing over the interior of The View apartment for rent by Kim Thanh’s family

Kim Thanh's interior handover
Handing over the interior of The View apartment – Kim Thanh’s family

2. Customer Inquiry

Kim Thanh just received the apartment in early 2021 and immediately contacted On Home Asia through a cousin who introduced her. Because this is an apartment that has been obtained by so much enthusiasm and effort of the whole family, she is very careful in choosing furniture.

Being a busy person, she chose for herself a full-service package from design to construction. When she came to the consultation, she clearly stated her requirements:

  • About interior function

Interior construction area: living room. kitchen, 2 bedrooms + electricity

– Main color tone: wood brown + gray

– Design: the interior has a modern, youthful beauty with unobtrusive delicate lines

  • About design style

Modern style, optimal use

3. Let’s see the whole 2 bedroom apartment

3.1. Warm and elegant living room space

The stylized design of the TV shelf combines well with the geometric coffee table, in addition to the brown wood color to create a cozy feeling for the whole living room space.

Livingroom The-View
Modern and sophisticated living room interior with classic chandeliers
living room The View apartment
Gray and white living room sofa combined with elegant light wood furniture
Livingroom The-View
Modern designed wooden furniture with high quality for family activities for a long time

3.2. Lovely kitchen with fresh green color

Applying a neat i-shaped kitchen to the kitchen space, avoiding losing space. In addition, the color harmony creates a good-looking overall, bringing a sense of lightness and elegance.

Kitchen The View
kitchen in The View apartment

3.3. Luxurious bedroom furniture, attractive colors

Because of moving house, the owners still decided to keep the bed and other furniture for the bedroom. So the task of On Home Asia is to design 2 cabinets for 2 bedroom spaces to match the overall color.

bedroom interior
Wardrobe designed with the full ceiling in bright, modern colors

The wardrobe for the large bedroom still uses gray and white wood as the main color. Specially designed with a full ceiling and many compartments to help homeowners comfortably store clothes and personal belongings.

For a small bedroom for children, On Home Asia uses bright green colors for the cabinets to help add a sweet and bright feeling to the whole room.

4. Conclusion

The apartment is a combination of modern furniture, warm colors, and classic details. This has turned the apartment space into an ideal place to live.

Especially for young families, Kim Thanh’s apartment for rent is a perfect choice. A modern apartment with exquisite furniture is waiting for you to experience moments of reunion with family and friends.

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