Project: The VIEW Apartment
Client: Ms. Ngoc Tuyen
Rate: Contact 0937 76 73 37
Area: 35m2
Style: Modern

On Home Asia would like to send you the interior design for The View 1 bedroom apartment. Modern design with bright colors.

The View 1 bedroom apartment was designed and built by On Home Asia team for Ms. Ngoc Tuyen. Simple interior layout ideas to fit a somewhat limited area. However, the interior still ensures maximum functionality for the apartment. This is also a suitable design for those who invest to rent.

Ms. Ngoc Tuyen
Handing over apartment interior to Ms. Ngoc Tuyen

1. Overview of The View 1 bedroom apartment

The View 1 bedroom apartment has an area of ​​35.26 m2. Although the area is somewhat limited, the design of On Home Asia has fully exploited the functions of the rooms including living room, kitchen, bedroom and toilet.

The view apartment floor plan 1 bedroom

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2. Interior of The View 1 bedroom apartment

2.1. Actual picture of the living room interior of The View apartment

The interior of the living room of this apartment uses simple and light materials such as felt to help homeowners feel comfortable when using it.

living room the view 1 bedroom
Design of the living room of the apartment

2.2. Actual image of bedroom interior of Midori Park The View apartment

The bedroom is simply designed, combined with a wardrobe opposite the bed to help optimize the space and save a lot more space. The wardrobe system is designed with many drawers of different sizes to help homeowners store many items as well as their personal belongings.

bedroom the view 1 bedroom
bedroom furniture

2.3. Actual picture of bedroom interior of The View apartment

The kitchen area is designed in the form of a simple L-shaped kitchen but still ensures the function as well when using the kitchen. The dining table is also streamlined and uses only one cabinet on one side to save space and optimize space when homeowners.

kitchen at The view apartment
Kitchen interior

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3. Conclude

The interior design of The View 1-bedroom apartment gives you a harmonious living space and a modern experience. On Home Asia as a leading interior design and construction company in Binh Duong is always ready to listen and accompany you.

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cta the view

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