Project: The VIEW Apartment
Client: Mr. Tuan Anh
Rate: Contact 0937 76 73 37
Area: 61m2
Style: Modern

The View apartment interior is a collection of the most beautiful interior designs in the apartment world in Binh Duong. In particular, The View 2 bedroom apartment of Mr. Tuan Anh has a very smart and gentle design.

In this article, On Home Asia updates to you the actual pictures of the interior of The View apartment by Mr. Tuan Anh Help you have a better overview of your choice when you need to make furniture. Please follow the following article with On Home Asia!

1. Interior of living room with airy space

The interior design of the living room of The View apartment is quite eye-catching when making the most of natural light. Adding a small window frame not only creates a sense of harmony but also helps to increase the area of ​​the room.

Simple and gentle are two beautiful words for the living room space of this apartment door.

interior of midori the view 2 bedroom apartment
Interior of the living room of The View 2 bedroom apartment.

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2. The kitchen interior of The View apartment is luxurious and elegant

The interior of the kitchen is attached to the dining table space to help maximize space. White tone for the wall and ceiling light with beautiful design creates an attractive look when looking at.

interior of kitchen in midori the view 2 bedroom apartment
Interior design of The View apartment kitchen

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3. Bedroom interior of Midori Park The View luxury apartment

The large bedroom has a rather large area, so it is arranged with a large bed in the room. Decorative utensils in large bedrooms are quite simple but highlighting an unfortunate luxury feature.

The View apartment bedroom interior
Interior of a large bedroom in The View apartment.
The View apartment bedroom for kids interior
Children’s bedroom furniture
The View apartment bedroom interior
Bedroom interior design

4. Conclusion

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