Project: The View Apartment
Client: Mr. Quoc
Rate: Contact 0937 76 73 37
Area: 61m2
Style: Modern

The apartment interior of The View 2 bedroom apartment is the perfect combination of 3 golden elements in the interior village: sophistication + science + impression. On Home Asia is sure that you will be “sickened” at first sight.

1. The interior design of the living room of The View apartment is luxurious and modern.

The interior of the living room of The View 2 bedroom apartment brings a new level to the apartment world. If you love the color green, the living space with the enchanting and modern blue color below will make you love it and can’t let go.

living room interior of the view apartment 2 bedrooms
The modern, calm beauty of living room space.
living room The View 2-bedroom apartment
The living room stands out with a moss green sofa, combined with an impressive set of art paintings.

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2. Impressive kitchen interior of The View 2 bedroom apartment

The highlight of the kitchen space is the kitchen glass panel with a new geometric pattern, striking against the white background. The lovely highlight is the wall-mounted decorative shelf with a cute shape.

The kitchen space of the apartment with the view 2 bedrooms
Beautiful kitchen with unique and novel patterned kitchen glass and fully furnished.
wooden dining table designed for the view apartment with 2 bedrooms
The lovely 4-seater dining table set is located adjacent to the kitchen, convenient for moving.

3. The View apartment bedroom interior.

3.1 Interior design of the Master bedroom of The View apartment

Master bedroom interior design with soothing colors and soft materials will help homeowners have a good night’s sleep after a long tiring day at work.

bedroom modern interior
The bedroom is neater and more airy with a scientific interior layout.

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3.2. The interior of the small bedroom of the beautiful and delicate 2 bedroom apartment.

Small bedroom space is more attractive by the prominent wall-mounted decorative shelf. Besides, there are 3 decorative paintings to help create an impressive headboard.

The View bedroom interior
The interior design of the apartment with the bedroom has natural brown wood color combined with blue-white to help the space bring neutral colors.

4. Conclusion

Apartment interior design of The View 2 bedroom apartment with beautiful blue color, does this design make you nostalgic? This home with a calm, modern shade, what do you think?

On Home Asia‘s customers really love this color combination, each family member feels comfortable and happy when they have a space with their favorite color.

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