Project: The View Apartment
Customer: Ms. Lee Shu Yen
Designer: Kim Ngan
Design style: Modern
Area: 61.01 m2

The Interior of the apartment The View – Ms. Lee Shu Yen has a modern style with light and bright colors. She came to On Home Asia with the desire to design the most impressive and comfortable living space.

She works all day, so home is a place to rest after a long tiring day at work. A comfortable reclining bed, a soft sofa, and a warm and comfortable kitchen are what she needs most.

Thank you for trusting and giving On Home Asia the opportunity to accompany you to build your house. Let’s admire more pictures of the beauty of The View apartment interior with On Home Asia!

Mrs. Lee Shu Yen - The View
Explore the modern and comfortable interior of The View apartment of Ms. Lee Shu Yen

1. Design requirements.

  • Neutral, soft colors.
  • The interior design of the apartment is modern, simple, and comfortable.
  • A cozy, full kitchen space and it has a minibar.
  • Construction space: Living room, kitchen, WC, and bedroom.

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3. Interior Space

The design ensures ventilation and sophistication, comfort for each space. Accordingly, smart furniture optimizes the function and saves the apartment area.

Using bright colors, mainly ivory white, elegant gray, and fresh blue. Every detail combined colors to bring a sophisticated, modern look to the corners of the room.

Fully equipped for each space but still save space. All details seem to have blended into each other to create a luxurious and harmonious apartment. Bringing ventilation, and distributing natural light to the apartment perfectly.


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4. Customer reviews.

Ms. Lee Shu Yen - The View
Handing over the interior and giving congratulatory trees to Ms. Lee Shu Yen

I have come to Vietnam to work and live for a long time. Although I am familiar with the environment, climate, people, and culture, Vietnamese cuisine.

Homesickness and family still linger in me. Thank you so much On Home Asia for creating a cozy living space for me to relieve my nostalgia.

The ceiling lights give off a warm yellow light but are also very modern and impressive. The interior is arranged very scientifically, convenient for living, and very satisfied with me. Service On Home Asia’s interior design is excellent, thoughtful, and professional.

4. Design inspiration.

Design inspiration of Ms. Kim Ngan

I and Ms. Lee Shu Yen had many meetings to come to the final design. She is someone who likes simplicity and modernity, but above all, the convenience of living space.

Fortunately, the modern apartment-style is the perfect solution for her wishes. From the initial sketches, the complete design is completed. We carry out construction and handover in her happy smile.

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