Project: The View Apartment
Client: Mrs. Wú Xīn Róng
Rate: Contact 0937 76 73 37
Area: 107m2
Style: Modern

Apartment interior of The View 3-bedroom apartment for Mrs. Wú Xīn Róng’s family with a modern style with bright and warm shades Let’s follow this design with On Home Asia!

mrs. wú xĩn ròng
Handing over the apartment furniture to Mrs. Wú Xĩn Ròng

1. Interior design of living room at The View apartment building

The interior of the living room becomes delicate and elegant when taking advantage of two colors of white and blue. Taking advantage of this color with natural light makes you feel like you are living in your green space.

Interior design of Midori Park The View apartment
Living room with new design shoe shelf.
Interior of The View 1 bedroom apartment - Ms. Wu Xin Rong
The living room has youthful and bright nuances
Interior design of The View 1 bedroom apartment
The white wall highlights the personality of the brown sofa.

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2. Interior design of the kitchen at The View apartment building

The kitchen with gentle and elegant pastel green tones is an irresistible highlight

Interior design of Midori Park apartment
Bright, harmonious shades spread throughout the room.
Kitchen interior of The View 1 bedroom apartment
Kitchen with fully equipped cabinets
Interior of The View apartment
Modern kitchen with green tones

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3. Interior design of Master bedroom at The View apartment building

The bedroom has a warm and soothing shade that will help you feel more relaxed after a long tiring day.

Midori Park The View
Release your soul into the Master bedroom with delicate lines
Beautiful bedroom interior
A corner of the bedroom with a multi-purpose decorative cabinet
Bedroom wardrobe design
Master bedroom wardrobe with luxurious colors

4. Bedroom interior design for boys.

Using bright colors combined with natural light to make the boy’s room full of life.

The View bedroom for children
Bedroom with unique desk design
Bedroom interior of The View apartment for children
Boy’s bedroom with attractive orange – green tones

4. Bedroom interior design for girls

Bedroom interior design with pink and white as the main theme for the girl’s room has shown the cuteness and purity of the baby. This color has never ceased to be hot throughout the years.

Bedroom furniture for girls
Cute little bedroom for girls
Lovely bedroom furniture
The bedroom is fully furnished for children to operate comfortably

5. Conclusion

The interior design of The View apartment On Home Asia was completed for Mrs. Wú Xīn Róng Mrs. Wú Xīn Róng’s home has been completed and she is really satisfied with this interior design.

A truly perfect cozy space is when loved ones in the family get close to each other and share their favorite things with each other. On Home Asia hopes to contribute to creating that happiness for you.

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