Project: Compass One Apartment
Client: Ms. Thu Thuy
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Area: 70.38 m2
Style: Modern


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Life is inherently colorful and the dream of each person is also unique not mixed with anyone. So with each design that on Home Asia brings its own beauty according to customer’s personalization.
And below is the apartment interior design of Ms. Thu Thuy at the Compass One apartment, you’ve admired!

1. Design requirements.

  • Design with modern style creates comfortable living space.
  • Create modern, luxurious and cozy living space when coming home.
  • Construction design area: living room, kitchen, bedroom, dressing room.

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2. Apartment space

With this design of modern-style apartments using bright colors to create a modern and luxurious space in the cozy luxury according to the requirements of Ms. Thuy. On Home Asia has successfully supported her to fulfill a dream about a perfect and fully equipped living space in a separate way.

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Interior estimate

3. Feelings of Ms. Thu Thuy

Ms. Thu Thuy

The cool modern space exudes luxurious beauty right according to the request of Ms. Thu Thuy. You support you is also very dedicated and thoughtful to answer any questions. I really like the dynamism and creation of your design. Ms. Thuy was happy to work with On Home Asia.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Hoa

Ms. Khanh Hoa is the main designer for this design from getting up concept to the final design She felt happy to help her Ms. Thu Thuy perform his desire It was Khanh Hoa’s attentive enthusiasm that helped Ms. Thuy more believed, more beloved when working with On Home Asia.

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