Project: Compass One apartment
Client: Mrs. Chang Wan Ting
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 68m2
Style: Modern

On Home Asia has just handed over the interior of the 2-bedroom Compass One apartment to Ms. Chang Wan Ting. Ms. Chang invests in the design and construction of the apartment’s interior to rent. Therefore, the direction that Ms. Chang and On Home Asia agreed on is a minimalist but modern interior design that ensures usability.

On Home Asia invites you to take a look at Chang’s 2 bedroom apartment for rent!

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1. Handover interior of Compass One apartment with 2 bedrooms for rent

Handing over the interior of CPO apartment Ms. Chang Wan Ting
Handing over the interior of Compass One apartment – Ms. Chang Wan Ting

2. Minimalist living room interior design

The interior of the living room in particular and the overall apartment, in general, has white-gray tones. The 2 main colors make the space bright and airy. This is also a neutral, safe color.

With the need to make furniture for rent, minimalism in the interior is a suitable choice. With the available functions of the apartment interior, Ms. Chang Wan Ting’s tenants can add items and decorations to their liking.

Modern simple TV shelf
The TV shelf has a minimalist design, satisfying user needs

2. Modern kitchen with high-quality furniture

The kitchen interior is completely constructed with high-quality materials. The design and color of the kitchen cabinets are elegant. The system of upper and lower cabinets is spacious, tenants can comfortably store kitchen utensils and some other items.

Compass One kitchen interior
Comfortable kitchen interior with spacious kitchen cabinets

3. Master bedroom interior

Bedroom interior design value makes the most of the space. The bed has storage drawers, a full-ceiling wardrobe with unique colors and designs. The Master bedroom not only shows convenience and modernity but also brings luxury with dark wood furniture.

bedroom interior
High-quality wooden bedroom furniture
Luxury designer wardrobe
Wardrobe with luxurious design, sliding doors to save space
Desk combined with dressing table
Desk combined with dressing table in Master bedroom

4. Comfortable small bedroom

Although the small bedroom is not as large as the Master bedroom, it still ensures to provide a comfortable and cozy space for family members.

Full ceiling wardrobe
Full ceiling wardrobe in the small bedroom
Desk in the child's bedroom
Neat and convenient desk in a small bedroom


The 2-bedroom Compass One apartment of Ms. Chang Wan Ting fulfills the needs of the family’s activities. To rent apartments for young families, the interior is designed to be minimalist but modern. From the quality of interior materials to the design and color, she has been carefully selected.

The apartment is in the process of finding tenants with attractive facilities. On Home, Asia is very pleased to accompany Ms. Chang on this project.

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