Dự án: Compass One Apartment – Chanh Nghia
Customer: Miss Mui
Designer: Tong Khanh Linh
Style: Modern

The interior of the Compass One apartment 1 bedroom is modern, and comfortable but still full of a luxurious and poetic atmosphere. That is the difference of Miss Mui’s apartment after interior construction.

Cover the space with an ivory and gray color, with a modern interior style. Creating an impressive, comfortable, classy and very livable home.

Thank Ms. Mui for giving your trust and the opportunity for On Home Asia to accompany her to build her family’s home. Let’s admire more images of the interior beauty of nội thất căn hộ Compass One!

1. Design requirements.

  • Design with modern style, simple but still exudes trendy beauty, and luxury.
  • The apartment she uses for rent, so it needs high comfort and have more optimal use.
  • Convenient, beautiful layout with smart furniture.

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3. Interior Space

The living room space exudes a modern and sophisticated beauty from simplicity. The same corner of the window with a poetic view, designed in harmony with the interior of the apartment.

Modern bedroom, but no less luxurious, high quality wooden bed for a peaceful sleep. Large wooden wardrobe with lots of convenient storage space, white color harmonizes with the overall.

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4. Customer reviews.

Mui is very satisfied with the interior design of the apartment and the service provided by On Home Asia. During the construction of the project and after the handover, she often invited On Home Asia to have a meal together as a thank-you.

She said that that she felt very satisfied when choosing OHA for her rental apartment. The interior of the apartment handed over is extremely suitable for her from the details to the overall space.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Linh
Designer Tong Khanh Linh

“Immerse yourself in each design to bring customers the most satisfaction” At the request of Ms. Mui, I worked with her to “create” a perfect space. The furniture has a modern beauty exuding from simplicity. The dominant white-gray tones make the space more airy, elegant and classy.

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