Project: Compass One apartment
Client: Ms. Thanh Nga
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 57.66m2
Style: Modern
As a modern woman, Ms. Thanh Nga loves simple and compact interior style that can be easily cleaned and coordinated with colors. Above all, because it is a rental investment, she pays more attention to the quality of core materials to make a standard piece of furniture that can be used for a long time with time.
And today, when handing over, On Home Asia and her husband were very happy to receive the satisfied smile of Ms. Nga’s family.

1. Customer’s design requirements.

  • Interior requirements: simple, compact interior style that can be easily cleaned, color coordination.
  • Need: investment for rental
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom

2. Apartment floor plan.

apartment plan compass one sister Thanh Nga
Floor plan of Ms. Thanh Nga’s apartment

3. Details of each area.

3.1. Living room area.

Because of the love of simplicity and lightness, On Home Asia has designed a TV shelf with gray and white as the main color. The unique design of the shelf gives the room a new look.

Compass one apartment living room furniture Ms. Thanh Nga
Unique and novel design TV stand.

3.2. Kitchen interior.

The kitchen is designed in an I-shaped shape in accordance with the structure of the apartment. The interior of Ms. Nga’s apartment instead of installing the upper cabinet system, she replaced it with a triangular shelf.

It’s both new and simple, and it can hold tools and food neatly.

apartment kitchen furniture compass one Ms. Thanh Nga
Kitchen interior design.
Compass one apartment dining table, Ms. Thanh Nga
Dining table in the kitchen space.
The kitchen space of compass one apartment Ms. Thanh Nga
Kitchen space.

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3.3. Master bedroom.

The room is fully furnished with a wardrobe designed in the form of a sliding door to save space.

bedroom master bedroom apartment compass one sister Thanh Nga
The bed has a simple design.
Master bedroom space compass one Ms. Thanh Nga
Master bedroom space.
interior of the master bedroom apartment compass one Ms. Thanh Nga
Master bedroom interior.

3.4. The room is designed with blue as the main color, creating freshness for the room.

The bed is placed next to the window, helping to catch the morning light.

Small bedroom space in compass one apartment Ms. Thanh Nga
Small bedroom interior.
wardrobe small bedroom apartment compass one Ms. Thanh Nga
Small bedroom space.

4. Conclusion.

On Home Asia has accompanied her throughout the construction process. Provide a suitable consulting plan to help her throughout the design and construction process. Explain to assist her in choosing materials for each piece of furniture to decorate.

You just need to make your request and the idea you like, the rest let On Home Aisa help you create your dream home.

Thank you for reading the entire post.

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