Project: Compass One apartment
Client: Mrs. Truc Lam
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 67.86m2
Style: Modern

Recently, On Home Asia has just handed over Compass One 2 bedroom interior to Mrs. Truc Lam. The interior of the apartment has a modern design style full of amenities, very suitable for families with 3 to 4 members.

Grasping her hobby, On Home Asia has chosen a deep color tone. In accordance with her needs, creating a luxurious living space.

1. Pictures of interior handover to Mrs. Truc Lam

handing over compass one apartment to Mrs. Truc Lam
Handing over the interior of Compass One apartment to Mrs. Truc Lam

2. The living room space has attractive deep colors

The living room interior is carefully selected in every detail. With deep color tones to help modern space mix a bit of classic elegance. The gray sofa set with felt fabric is combined with a stylized smart tea table.

handing over compass one apartment to Mrs. Truc Lam
Overview of living room space of Compass One apartment 2 bedrooms
sofa in living room apartment interio rCPO - 2 bedrooms
The sofa and tea table are stylized to create accents
sofa in 2 bedrooms apartment interior
The colors of the interior combine harmoniously
tv shelf interior living room CPO 2 bedrooms apartment
The TV shelf is made of wood neatly designed to match the color tone of the living room

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3. Apartment kitchen interior with fully furnished

The kitchen interior with high-quality materials, I-shaped kitchen design is very suitable for the small kitchen area. Makes the kitchen look more open and spacious. The system of kitchen cabinets is arranged with all functions to make your cooking process more convenient.

Besides, the dining table is placed next to the kitchen area, not limiting the living space. Bright colors and styles are simple but no less luxurious.

the interior design of kitchen CPO apartment - 2 bedrooms
Spacious kitchen space
dining set kitchen interior in 2 bedrooms apartment
Dining table area

4. Large and luxurious Master bedroom interior design

Bedroom interior with elegant gray color of bed sheets. The colors create a feeling of relaxation, helping you have a good night’s sleep in your comfortable bedroom.

You can also enjoy the beautiful view of Thu Dau Mot city right on the bed through the window placed next to it.

master bedroom interior of CPO 2 bedrooms apartment
Modern luxury bedroom interior design
master bedroom interior design of 2 bedrooms apartment
The bedroom space is filled with natural light to create a sense of relaxation for the homeowner
dressing table in master bedroom interior of 2 bedroom apartment
A beautiful small dressing table is placed next to the bed

5. Lovely bedroom space is very suitable for young children

A small bedroom with 2 main colors, blue and pink, has created a very sweet room for your baby. Beds, walls, study tables, wardrobes are all decorated very sweetly and bright.

bedroom interior design for kids - 2 bedroom apartment
Small bedroom space
bedroom interior for children - 2 bedrooms
Phòng ngủ cho bé có màu sắc tươi sáng
desk in bedroom interior for children, CPO 2 bedrooms apartment
The small bedroom is still fully equipped
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6. Conclusion

Interior design model with deep colors for those who love lightness and elegance. All the furniture in the Compass One 2-bedroom apartment is arranged very scientifically, making full use of their functions and suitable for the living space of the owner.
If you need interior design and construction for your apartment, do not hesitate to contact On Home Asia! On Home Asia is always ready to serve you.