Project: Compass One apartment
Client: Ms. Khanh Hoa
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 67.72m2
Style: Modern

Khanh Hoa found On Home Asia through a friend’s introduction. When talking, she clearly stated her requirements and wishes for the interior of the apartment.

She decided to invest in a 2-bedroom Compass One apartment for rent. She decided to invest in a 2-bedroom Compass One apartment Therefore, the high demand for apartment interior is the decisive factor that she focuses on.

1. Floor plan of model apartment 2BRC

compass one apartment - 2 bedrooms
Floor plan of Compass One apartment model 2BRC

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1. Luxury living room interior for 2 bedroom Compass One apartment

Living room interior is the face of the homeowner, the investment to bring a luxurious space is inevitable. Comfortable sofa set with stylized tea table, wooden TV shelf, charming curtains,…

All harmonize and create the aristocratic and modern features that homeowners need.

living room in compass one apartment
Interior for living room in 2 bedroom apartment
living room in compass one apartment
Living room interior
living room in compass one apartment
The living room at Compass One apartment

The interior layout scientifically and aesthetically with optimal functions, towards warm and bright shades but still with modern beauty is what she needs. And below is the apartment that On Home Asia designed and built for Ms. Khanh Hoa.

2. Kitchen interior at Compass One 2 bedroom apartment

The kitchen interior uses elegant gray as the main color. The system of closed kitchen cabinets, top, and bottom coordinate to create convenience for homeowners in the cooking process. Moreover, the closed cabinet form also brings aesthetics, contributing to keeping the kitchen in a neat state.

kitchen at compass one apartment
Spacious Compass One apartment kitchen space

3. Interior of the dining table space

The wide-open dining space creates ventilation for the homeowner when dining. Combined with hanging pictures and hanging lights, it adds a warm and beautiful atmosphere.

compass one apartment dining table
Dining room at Compass One apartment

4. Master bedroom interior of Compass One apartment

Bedroom interior using natural brown wood color uniformity helps to add a warm part, reduce a boring part. Having a comfortable bed, a luxurious wardrobe and an elegant dressing table, customers can refuse such an apartment.

master bedroom at compass one apartment
Master bedroom in Compass One apartment
master bedroom at compass one apartment
Compass One apartment bedroom interior

5. Lovely small bedroom interior

Different from the luxurious nuances of the Master bedroom, the small bedroom interior is especially lovely and lovely. Beds, walls, desks, wardrobes are all decorated very sweetly, bright, sure moms and babies will love not letting go.

small bedroom at compass one apartment
Small bedroom interior at Compass One apartment
small bedroom at compass one apartment
Small bedroom interior
small bedroom at compass one apartment
Small bedroom interior design suitable for children


Thank you for viewing all the interior designs of On Home Asia Company for the 2-bedroom Compass One apartment of Ms. Khanh Hoa.

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