Project: Compass One apartment
Client: Mr. Minh Tan
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 52m2
Style: Modern
This morning, On Home Asia, handed over the interior of the 1-bedroom Compass One apartment to Mr. Tan’s family.
He is an enthusiastic and lovely Binh Duong. When deciding to buy an apartment for investment and rental, he and his wife invested and spent a lot of enthusiasm. Especially his wife is very delicate and caring. She has personally researched and selected each type of material for each decoration.
For them, this is a second home, so even an investment for rental can’t be overdone. Instead, it must be of high quality to let tenants feel the warmth of home.
The interior design of apartments with modern interior style, optimized furniture for use. The mixed blue and white colors create a feeling of freshness, ventilation, elegance, and very elegant. On Home Asia believes that this exquisite beauty will bring you and your customers the best experience.

1. Pictures of interior handover of Compass One 1 bedroom apartment

Handing over apartment interior to Mr. Tan’s family

2. Living room space of Compass One 1 bedroom apartment

Neat felt sofa set combined with stylized smart tea table. The color brings a sense of luxury and sophistication to the whole room.

Besides, the use of alternating blue and white colors as the main color enhances the elegant and gentle beauty.

The trio of canvas paintings brings a youthful and lively feeling to the living room space.

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living room in compass one - 1 bedroom apartment
Compact TV shelf mounted on the wall to save space
living room in compass one - 1 bedroom apartment
View of the lovely living room.
living room in compass one - 1 bedroom apartment
A pair of tea tables made from stone with luxurious veins.
living room in compass one - 1 bedroom apartment
With the loggia connecting from the living room to the bedroom, you will have a space filled with natural light.

3. The kitchen is very attractive with the legendary gray and white tones

The kitchen space is located to the left of the door, with a relatively small area. Therefore, using a neat I-shaped kitchen is a perfect choice.

The contrasting gray-white color creates an impressive highlight for the pure white space. The kitchen cabinet system is designed with a full range of equipment and a system of multi-purpose cabinets to give you ideal living space.

Kitchen space of Compass One apartment 1 bedroom
The kitchen is fully equipped with appliances and electrical appliances to bring a fully equipped living space.
kitchen in compass one 1 bedroom apartment
The use of black stone brings a feeling of luxury and nobility. At the same time, it avoids getting dirty and makes it easier for you to clean.

4. Immerse yourself in the fresh green of Compass One bedroom space

Bedroom interior scores in the eyes of homeowners by its peaceful and elegant beauty. According to Mr. Tan’s wife, she especially loves the bedroom space not only because of the green color she chose but also because of the quality furniture. The interior is designed according to scientific proportions to create ventilation in the process of living.
And a special thing, the beautiful scenery outside the window will also give her customers moments of gentle relaxation. She believes, with all of that, this will be one of the apartments chosen by customers to rent in Compass One.
bedroom in compass one 1 bedroom apartment
The furniture in the bedroom space is meticulously calculated in size as well as the installation position to give homeowners the most comfortable and convenient living space.
bedroom in compass one 1 bedroom apartment
Smart bed with spacious drawers, good looking design.
bedroom in compass one 1 bedroom apartment
A dressing table combined with a round wall mirror brings an elegant and elegant feeling.
bedroom in compass one 1 bedroom apartment
Blue and white colors blend to create a fresh, full-of-life space.
bedroom in compass one 1 bedroom apartment
The wardrobe is designed with a full ceiling with a storage area large enough for homeowners to comfortably store their own clothes and accessories.

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5. Conclusion

When combining elegant blue with delicate interior lines, science has created an extremely attractive aesthetic effect. This design highlights the whole space of the house and also shows the great taste of the owner. Nobody can resist this beautiful color.
If you need interior design and construction for your apartment, do not hesitate to contact On Home Asia! On Home Asia is always ready to serve you.

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